A Week's Schedule

By: Jewel Krystal

Day One

Baby, please pick up the phone

I'm feelin all alone

Baby, please take me home

So I won't be all alone

Day Two

I wanna go out tonight

Because I know it feels so right

Me and you throughout the night

Plane booked for an all night flight

Day Three

I missed you on yesterday

You were lookin really great

Enough to drive me crazy

That is all that I can say

Day Four

You called me up at two o'clock

Tellin me you were really hot

I wanna give you the best I got

Because I'm feelin really hot

Day Five

Took me out so I could dance

Bumpin 'n' gridin with my man

After, you took me by the hand

So we could slow dance

Day Six

You left me to do nothin

Just left hangin

While that phone is ringin

I'm complatin

Day Seven

Now I got cha to myself

Only me and no one else

Makin sweet love to me

Makin me so complete