How Samantha Got Her Grove Back
By:Andrew Troy Keller

Samantha Fitzgerald was a real cold fish
Of a magazine editor whose employees wish
That she would finally find herself a man
And stop making so many demands,
That they were calling her a real witch.

Just then,her best friend,Jane DiBiase
Had invited her to come to Jamaica and see
The many wonders of the tropical islands
And have as much fun as she could stand.
And so,she had flown to Jamaica with glee.

And when she saw Jane stand next to a car
That she rented for the day,they drove far
On a long streatch of island road and
Stopped at a place that had looked so grand.
As a matter-of-fact,it was an island bar.

And then,while Jane had gone back
To her island friends,Samantha met Jack,
One of the many beach combers who she had
looked at and saw one who's not a cad.
And that's how Samantha got her grove back.