Warning: If you don't like Final Fantasy styled Magic nor Dragonball Z type fighting

I suggest you stay away from this story. Though it has no characters/locations/names from said shows/games.

Otherwise It wouldn't be here would it?

"Last call; I repeat, can all passangers heading to United Solar Force headquarters please head to platform C"

Hundreds of people Zig-zaged around the train station, trying to head to their respective transportion vechiles; in the middle of it all were five teenagers trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

"They said Platform D right?" One called out

"You dolt, it was C"

"Hey don't call me a dolt!"

"He's right though" Another interupted "It was C"

The teenagers passed around the large group of people in an attempt to make it to their train, none of the group knew each other untill a few minutes ago when they arrived at said train station. The station was built somewhat similar to an old 1900 depot, except adding on multi level train tracks.

The station was built in a rather odd place, nowhere near any sort of city; Hell to even get to the station took around three to four hours. But it was the central transportation hub for the West Continent of the planet. Aside from traveling by rail on the ground, one could take a 'Sky-Rail' which was basically a high-speed long distance version of the monorail.

The group of teens finally managed to make it to platform C; the train awaiting them looked like a much sleeker version of a Bullet Train.

"I'll take a random stab in the dark and say we are riding that thing" One said

"Your viewage in the obvious is blinding"

"Gee, thanks"


"Enemy attack Northbound!"

"Are you joking!?..Theres no way they'd of reached the Core yet"

"Well they can and have"

Explosion filled the empty air of the war-torn planet, everywhere laid dead rotting bodies; they were truely the lucky ones. All around the humans stood seven foot tall machines of basically every known description one could think of.

"Rikado Scum!" One spat out "Your just in this for the fun aren't you"

"No fun. Just death" A robot replied, not one ounce of emotion in its voice. For seconds later, the remaining six hundred human soldiers on the battlefield had been instantly killed.

"Whats the next objective?"

"Destroy the barrier world"


"Want something to eat?"


Two teenagers sat opposite each other, the worlde outside them flying by in an assortment of blurs and sparks. One of the teenagers was around six foot, had dark hair and wore a black T-Shirt and blue jeans.

The other teen was five foot, wore a dark green Gi and black saggy pants. Both sat their completly bored out of their skull. Every person on this train had signed up for combat training against Rikado. An evil fanatical religion that was on the rampage throughout countless worlds. They killed all who weren't a part of their cult.

The headquarters of the United Solar Forces would be some way away for the group.

"Hey what are you doing?" A voice cried out

"I want to take a look at your folder, that a crime?"

"...Actually it is"

"Oh shut it, and gimme!"

The two teens sighed hopelessly and prayed that the journey would end soon enough.

Many hours had passed since the trains departure and the sun was starting to set behind the far-awar mountains; when the Headquarters popped into view, everyone looked out of their windows to see the massive facility.

United Solar Forces headquarters was around seventy stories tall, nearly three miles long and had around fifteen smaller twenty story buildings around it, each building was shaped like a semi-bubble was all were coloured blue and white. surrounding the facility was four hundred aches of dense rainforest.

The trains rails quickly diverted onto a Sky-Rail path, now below them was the rainforest; filled with all sorts of bizarre creatures, one person claimed that even saw a Dragon.

The groups attention quickly diverted to the building when they saw people around the base fighting.

..In the sky.

"How the hell can they be flying without vechiles?" A person screamed out

"Maybe its a trick or something"

"Yeah, that has to be it"


"You know this job gets very boring"

"That it does"..wish something interesting would happen up here.

High above the planet. Two gaurds slumbered away into boredom, trying to find something that would keep them awake. These two protected the only pathway through the planetary shield. If Rikado passed by them; the planet would fall to them.

"Why do they even bother putting us up here, Rikado hasn't even bothered to touch this planet"

Several moments of silence passed before a strange object hurled towards them at a high velocity. Of unknown origin to the two gaurds, they quickly sounded the alarm.

But to no advail, the object slammed right into them, destroying the planets gate in a explosive hell-fire that sent metallic shards flying through the empty vortex of space; while the object decended down towards the planets surface.


The grand hall of the United Solar Forces H.Q, was just that..Grand.

The roof stood a massive eighteen stories above them, on their level was one of the most grandure gardens that the world had seen, nearly seven hundred meters in diameter and housing over one thousand plants; it could take ones breath away.

Under the great hall, while still inside the building itself was a massive lake that people were even allowed to actually swim in; above them at about six stories up was several hundred classroms and a shopping mall. It seemed more like a resort than a military facility.

"The United Solar Forces built this massive facility around thirty years ago" A voice called out through a speaker box "It cost us nearly thirty billion Cai to constuct"

The small group that had departed from the train were listening in awe as they followed a guide that would show them around the massive hall. Many couldn't wait until the enrolling began to figure out what jobs they would be assigned to train on.

"I bet I'm going to be a medical rescuer" A blond called out

"Well have fun" A Red head replied "Me and my massive soldiery-ness will defeat the enemy"

"Right..I'll be there to put bandages on you when they kick your arse"

"Take that back!!"

"Never, ha ha ha!"

"Um..." The guide called out "If you two are done"

"Oh..sorry" The blonde apologized

"Anyway" The guide continued "We will be enrolling you into your classes now"



"..Sorry, again"

The guide led the group away from the grand hall, much to the dismay of certain people, and into a smaller less wondrous grey room.

"Please take a seat, we will be calling you in a minute" A voice quickly called out "Please be patient"

"Hate to see if anyone gets 'The job'" The red head said, followed by a few people giggling

"Um..whats 'The job'?" One said

"Its were your basically good at nothing so they stick you in the office doing nothing but paperwork"


"Tell me about it"

"Neaio!" A soldier called out as he entered the room "Your up"

"Thanks" the dark haired teenager walked into another room. The same process happened with all of the others, the enrollment taking around five minuted for each person. The group was lead back into the room once again to await what jobs they ended up getting. Many were praying they would get all sorts of things..A few of the shallow ones just wished they could hurry up and shop. But eventually the results came back as another soldier entered the room.

"Kaita?" The soldier asked

"Here!" The blonde replied

"You have got the job of Medical Rescuer"

"Hurrah, in your face..bwah ha ha"



The soldier turned towards one of the more quiet members of the group "Blitz?"


"You have got the job of Angel Halo, please go wait in the other room"


As Blitz headed towards the other room, many people were whispering amongst one other with such questions as "What in gods name is Angel Halo?", "Why does he to get away from the blonde" and "Can we leave yet?"

"Neaio" The soldier said "Where are you?"

"Right here" The dark haired teen called out

"You too have the job of Angel Halo, please wait in the other room with Blitz"


"Okay... Quali?"

"Here" The red head answered

"You have the job of Soldier"


"Ok, Kenji?"


"You have the job of Angel Halo as well...."

"Other room?"


"Thought so"

"Well that was odd, in any case" The soldier continued "..Miolan"


"You have the rank of Angel Halo as well..please wait in the other room"


"We are running out of time, the suns going to set in a few minutes, so I better hurry this up"

"Whats my job?"

"Who are you?"


"Yours is soldier, these people also have the same rank: Tinila, Golibi, Mesan"

"Hurrah" The trio called out

"These people got Dragoon: Krio and Certuna"


"Kronle, you also got the rank of Angel Halo, please wait in the next room"

"Um..what did I get" Another called out



"You have the job of ..Office worker"

"Ouch!" Quali called out "That has to hurt"

"..Do you ever stop being an idiot?" Tinila replied?

"..Does while being cool count?"

"No you dipshit"

"But, I'm cool"


The soldier passed out small keys to everyone in the room "These keys give you access to your dorms which you can find in the west and east building in this facility, have a nice day"

"..The what now?"



In the other room, Kronle, Blitz, Kenji, Neaio and Miolan were waiting impatiently for someone to explain to them what the hell they were doing in this room, and what Angel Halo was. After hearing the sounds of the other group leave the soldier entered their room finally.

"First off, I want to say congratulations"

"Thank you!" Kronle replied

"Ok, you are here because you got the job of Angel Halo, the most trusted job in the United Solar Forces, your job is to travel to where Rikado forces are situated throughout the solar system and destroy them.

"Thats nice and all" Kenji said "But how the hell do you expect us to destroy entire Rikado forces"

"Easy, you five have amazing power inside you thanks to the planets soul"

"..The planet has a soul now?"

"It has ever since it was created, usually the energy is distributed evenly between people, but you five managed to get more energy then anyone else"

"So that means we are powerful"


"Ha, in your face Medical Science!" Blitz cheered

"Anyway, you will learn how to harness said power, those people you saw outside flying..they have managed to harness their power, but you will be able to do better"

"So when can we learn to fly?" Neaio asked

"You wern't to do so for at least another week"

"A week!?" Blitz cried "But my legs are sick of the ground"

"Well..tell your legs to get over it" The soldier replied "You have tonight off, report to the rooftop at dawn tomorrow"