Neaio sighed in disapointment, with all the fuss about the 'Angel Halo' job in which he still had no bloody idea what it was about, his dorm was less than grand. It had a small single bed, a tiny closet and a bed side table in which one could place a cup on it, and only a small cup at that.

Though the advantage was that the room had sound proofing throughout it so nothing outside could be heard within, Neaio laid down on the bed for a while before relising that the room had its own little charm to it, he looked outside the window behind the bed to see what kind of weather was going on outside...Rain, typical. Then again it was the western continent, known for its high and long stretches of rain.

"Anybody Inside?" A voice called out

"In here!" Neaio replied, moments later a medium built dark haired girl burst into the room.

"..Can I help you?" Neaio asked in a somewhat sarcastic tone

"Hey I saw you at enrollment!"

"May I have a name?"

"Oh..sorry, its Mesan, you?"


"Pleased to meet you"

", was there a reason you burst into my room?"

"Oh right, right. Theres a welcoming party going on at building C3, I'm rounding everyone up, wanna come?"

"Sure, why not?" Neaio slowly worked his way out of bed, grabbed his brown jacket and walked outside, with Mesan jumping up and down the whole way, it was somewhat disturbing. The dorm corridors were somewhat cramped, having only enough space for two people to walk side by side, the walls were white and the floor was that of gray tiles, each room had its own number, someone even went to the trouble to put odd smiley faces under them.

"Oh come on!" Mesan cried "You walk too slow!"

"Go on without me, I'll join up later" Neaio sighed

"Oh all right!" Mesan run off down the corridor

"What an odd girl"

It was around ten at night and most of the shops in the Great Hall were closed, after wandering around the massive hall for a while, Neaio eventually bumped into Blitz, who he had met earlier on the train, and then later on in the room.

"Hey" Neaio greeted "You off to that party?"

"I guess, got nothing else to do"


"I would go..but I have no bloody idea where C2 is" Blitz laughed

"Maybe we should ask someone?"

"Couldn't hurt"

Nearly half an hour had passed until Blitz and Neaio managed to reach the building, inside was a massive water complex.

Pretty nuch everyone from the party was there having a rather fun time, with the exception of Miolan who was sitting in the corner with a 'come near me and I'll kill you horribly' look on his dark face.

"He doesn't look to happy" Kronle said pointing at said person.

"Next time you speak, try not to say something so damed obvious" Kenji sourly replied

"Gahnakganshninklebonk!..can't say that was obvious can you?"

"..It was obviously stupid!"


Blitz walked off to join Kenji and Kronle while Neaio quickly exited the building.

"Where'd he run off to?" Blitz questioned

"Beats me" Kronle replied "Who's up for some cards"

"Meh, might as well"

Neaio walked further away from the massive complex, the rain still pouring down from the many clouds above. Finding a small grassy hill to rest upon, Neaio quickly laid down and stared back at the gigantic buildings. the lights all around it make the complex glow an ghostly white.

"Took me nearly five years, but I finally made it into the United Solar forces" Neaio spoke to himself, before a strange glow beyond the faraway hills caught his eye. "I'd say that would be a city, except for the fact that there is no city within a thousand miles of this place...Wonder what it could be"


Five soldiers landed on the ground near a strange object, one signally up to the helicopter that everything was alright.

"Spread out, there may be more of these wierd things" One of them called out.

The soldiers searched the area while one walked up to the object, it was around a metre in diameter. Had four massive spiked around it and was a metallic gray, they soldier tapped his gun onto was metal.

"What the hell is this?

The object begun to twitch violently, catching the attention of the other gaurds nearby who quickly came to look at said object. It slowly rose from the ground. And two massive pillars of metal eminated from it which quickly turned into arms, two more appeared and became legs. The soldiers took a couple of steps back in fear.

..What was this thing?

A hawk like head burst out of the top of the ball which quickly transformed into a gigantic body, the being in a whole stood seven foot tall.

"Hold it right the--" The soldiers sentence was cut off when the being quickly grabbed his neck, the soldier now choking to death, was having his life drained away from him, that is before the being ultimately snapped his neck.

"You bastard!!" Another soldier screamed out and started firing bullets at the being, they had no effect what-so-ever, the metallic being raised his left hand into the air, a small blue ball of energy instantly appearing.

"He has power over Nijini, evacuate!" The soldiers tried to escape onto the helicopter. But they never reached it, for within moments everything within a mile was completly destroyed in a massive blue explosion. The being standing calmly in the middle as though nothing had happened.


The morning light shone through the small windows of the great hall, filling it with a dull orange glow. Shops were already open with many people buying various objects.

The five newest 'Angel Halo's stood atop the roof of the Great Hall, staring down at the massive forest surrounding the complex; they awaited the arrival of their teacher, who ever that would be.

Surely enough, a tall slim figure walked through the door and greeted the five.

"Hello, my name is Renasa, I will be your teacher for this mission" The figure spoke.

"And what mission would that be?" Kenji quickly replied

"Ah, of course" Renasa begun to explain "Seeing as your members of Angel Halo, you will be needing to know how to fight"

"I already know how to fight thank you very much" Miolan interupted "I have five years of Jujitsu training"

"That will mean almost nothing after you learn what you need to today" Renasa softly spoke "Last night, a being managed to take out our elite soldier unit, causing a massive crater in the Nageki plains in the process, we have found out that he is a Rikado soldier---"

"How did Rikado make it into our planet?" Neaio asked

"Thats not important, what is though, is that he has given us an choice: Either sign over U.S.F to Rikado within five days, or be destroyed with the planet"

"Why do Rikado want U.S.F?" Kronle questioned

"....I can't say right now" Renasa admitted, quickly heading towards the door "Go to Heliport 3, there is a 'copter there to take you to the temple"

"You alright sir?"

"Yes, I'm fine..oh and Neaio"


"Here catch" Renasa threw a small blue orb at the teen who prompty caught it "The people at the temple you tell you about it, Kenji and Miolan might want to listen as well"

"What was with Renasa before?" Kenji contemplated "He sure seems scared when we asked why Rikado is after U.S.F"

"Well.." Neaio took a stab in the dark "It might have something to do with Rikado's landing on Nuiynsa"

"What would that have to do with anything?"

"U.S.F also has a massive base there, maybe Renasa is scared that Rikado will find out deep information of U.S.F's soldiers, Angel Halo ect."

"That could be it" Blitz joined it "They do seem to be making a big fuss over us though"

The five teens walked out onto Heliport 3, which was on the west most building of U.S.F, awaiting them was a massive helicopter/plane combination with the United Solar Forces logo on it, a giant red wyvern breathing out some wierd mist substance. The group quickly boarded the strange vechile as it took off towards god knows where.

"Wonder where this temple is?" Kronle questioned "If its meant to teach us everything like Renasa said, then why doesn't that Rikado soldier go for it?"

"Because he dosn't know about it you prat" Blitz harshly answered "You can't expect someone who hasn't been to the planet to know everything"

"..I guess"

"What do you think we will learn at the temple?"

"Probably how to fly, at least I hope so" Neaio said "If they want us to go against the Rikado soldier, it would be smart to give us any advantage we can get"

"Why don't they just get other Angel Halo's to fight it" Kenji asked "Seems like a safer bet then sending a bunch of teens with only 5 days training"

"Well I heard that most of the other Angel Halo's are on other planets fending off Rikado forces" Neaio answered

"That'll do it every time"

The Helicopters altitude started to climb, causing much confusion in the group until they saw their destination

..A giant temple in the sky.

The massive stone building was flowing with all sorts of blue lights and mist, below is hovered a massive rotating upside down pyramid jewel. It too was covered in blue mist and jewels, whatever was inside this timple; it would help them fight the mysterious Rikado fighter.