You think you're so cool
Because you're so preppy
But all I think is that you
Are a little too damn peppy
You flirt all the time
And lead those jocks on
But what will you do
Once your beauty is gone?
What will you tell your kids
About your highschool days?
About your hatefulness and spite?
Lemme guess-it was all just a phase.
To some extent, that's right
Phases are what you're all about
Right now you've phased in
But tomorrow, you'll phase out
Oh, you'll get mad
I can already tell
That you'll read this poem
And say, "Go to hell."
But you know I'm right
That I tell only the truth
And if you can't see it
Then frankly, fuck you
Oh, how I can't wait
To see the day
When you're in McDonald's
Waiting for your hourly pay
After all, it's the best job
That you'll ever get to do
Guess you shouldn't have spent all your time
Hurting those less popular than you