You obdurate sophisticate, you are our best friend and our treasure.
You demigod! You are the rod we humble peasants use for measure.

Ev'ryone ought to know your thoughts on things that you don't know about:
We were all lost, so tempest-tossed, until you found our errors out.

You rose above what dummies love; now go tell everyone how you're
Such a smart boy, you can't enjoy the things we common folk adore.

We love you so. We want to know just how you got to be so right.
Did exercise make you so wise, or 'came you that way overnight?

And ain't it grand to understand what we mere mortals can't discern,
To be just such, and know so much that you have nothing left to learn?

You're oh so sweet, you're super-'leet, and you have all your minions hopin'
that soon they, too, can be like you-- and, by the way, your fly is open.