It's another quiet night. The news ring dully from the living room and I
face my chemistry assignment with resignation. In the end, I pull out my
sketch book and started drawing. By chance, I flipped to a page where I
vented out my anger in a fit of emotions after yet another fight with my
mother. Here goes.
When you Grow up, Remember (1)
Trapped, choking, trapped, trapped, TRAPPED!
Breathe, relax, let go, breathe.
When you grow up
Do not forget
You did not give birth to a child
To label her a failure
She is still too young not to believe
And so she takes your words to heart
So don't scream, don't shout, don't snap
Don't slap, don't throw, don't scorn
Those careless tossing of harsh tones
Sow devil's seeds in her heart
You make her doubt the trust
She dares to place in foreign hands
No, brave souls were not made this way
Great men were not made this way
You cannot train her
You cannot tame her
You cannot change her
You only weaken her
When you grow up, remember
Sometimes it is too late
By the time you say you love her