An older poem of mine that came about after I'd read too much Frankenstein. Aheh.

Two Are All

We are children of a lesser god
We're those hated; shunned and scorned
We're avoided, labelled strange
All too often thought deranged

We are products of an evil mind
Cruel and dark, yes, but defined
Two are all of kith and kin
Free of morals, free of sin

We are blood on a doctor's knife
By surgeon killed and given life
Power kept in check by madness
Hatred kept in lock by sadness

We are tears in the Father's eyes
Chained with fire and with lies
No god by bible-book is set
No, our god lies cold and dead

We are aches in the saviour's heart
from birth alone, and torn apart
Unspoken grief in darkness cried
Alone in madness, side by side

We are children of a lesser god
We have no one to call lord
By science killed and given life
A fake heart's death and silent strife