Oh, dear. This is one of those lovely unrequited love stories people seem so fond of. Y'see, when I was younger - 'twas a while back - I fell in love with someone I only shared one class with. Problems were 1) she was a girl, and 2) she had a boyfriend. A very protective boyfriend.

I, personally, thought he was a creep, but I concede that I may have been baised. ;) I followed her like a helpful little shadow, you know, the girl who's always willing to lend a pencil or remember an obscure fact, so I somewhat knocked down my infatuation.

Ah, whatever. There you go. I got over it and can't even remember her name these days, other than a vague memory about it starting with s, but because this sort of thing is popular, and I actually had some inspiration for it, I thought I'd write a poem about how I felt back then, and it turned out well enough.

Wow. Thinking about it, it really was a long time ago. Huh. I feel old.

Final Serenade to S.

The days when I saw you are far gone
A memory but, dearly
I'm torn in repose or in going on
And cast your visage free

So close, so close, you let me come
I was at your very side
You must have never seen me succumb
Only to then subside

You never considered the devil heart
In the angel following
Those words I never dared depart
For sake of you to cling

Your hair smelled like summer wind
I remember thus with glee
And a shameful reproach of my sin
Then only to agree

I remember you in a sunlight beam
Smiling, laughing of love
That 'twould be for me is but a dream
But I take heart thereof

Your lover, this lax and arrogant
A knave unfit for you
Compared to me, his love was mat
But mine would live anew

But those were words I could not say
For fear of final loss
And the battles fought, to my dismay
Became my heavy cross

Your lips seemed often so inviting
That my heart beget a cage
The passion for you were frightening
As was the darkened rage

So I pray that you never realised
How dear you were to me
That you never saw behind my eyes
The devil, seductively