Your Masterpiece

I'm sick of listening to you
You're not helping anything
You're just hurting things worse
Shut the fuck up!

You point fingers at everyone
You ignore my falling tears
You scream at my bloody wrists
Get over yourself!

Why did I ever listen to you?
You've only brought me heartache
You're just an invisible knife
Ready to stab into someone's back

I've cried for the last time
I'm sick of hurting because of you
Look at my fuckin' wrists!
Are you happy now?!

I played the broken child
I folded into your outstretched arms
I let you wipe away my tears
How DARE you do this!!

I trusted you with my secrets
I shared with you my pain
I listened to your advice with trust
I should've known something wasn't right

Well, look at the monster you've created
I am your masterpiece
My wrists are bleeding profusely
My breath is growing shorter and shorter

I'm being sent to the hospital again
Again they're feeding blood into me
They're shaking their heads again
Aren't I such a stupid girl?!

I'm going back to my psychiatrist again
She'll scribble away in her notepad
More medication shall be prescribed
Thank you so much

My parents shall monitor me again
All sharp objects confiscated
Paranoia all around me
I love you so much

I'm your little toy to break
Just another creation of yours
I hope you're happy with yourself
You had me play the fool again

I had hope of moving on
I dreamed of living again
My dream was soon my reality
You just had to be jealous

You had to snatch my joy away
You snared my mind with lies
You tore my true friends away
You just played me as the fool

Goodnight, my dear friend
My dreams shall be filled with nightmares
I shall dream of your leash around me again
My crimson tears - your brand