A/N: I had a different poem up that was also entitled Haunted Soul, but it
was too confusing. This is an edited version of that poem.

My soul is lined with fire
Passion burning bright
Yet why can no one can see
This signal piercing through the night?
My lust for life has started
Slowly suffocating
Because in my haunted soul
There's only room for hating
Why does no one see
The brightness in my soul?
How could they already damn me
And claim my heart is made of stone?
Yes, I admit my heart is black
It's blacker than the blackest coal
But, could it be?
There's still hope within my soul
For evil is only evil
Once it is compared with good
Yet we all should know
That I never claimed sainthood
For once, stop comparing
Measuring me against the best
If you look closely then you
Can see the good that's left
In this world of Black and White
Have you found no gray?
Even if you can't see it now
I hope you'll see someday
That colors bleed and blend and mold
Until no pure colors are left
And there is only better or worse
Amid the worlds of worst and best