A Renegade Act

By:Andrew Troy Keller

Logan Cassidy had once been a model student of the Cleveland State University's Sci-Med Division and was on his way to become married to the most popular girl in the entire university,Patsy Ragsdale,who was a student of CSU's very own Law School Department and on her way to become a new Assistant District Attorney.

But that was until Monday,January 19th,after Logan had walked Patsy home from a romantic night out and gave her a kiss 'good night'.

And after he had stepped out of Patsy's apartment,Logan had started walking back to his place of residence,unaware of the fact that he was being followed by a gangly looking man with the look of pure hate in his eyes.

And then,just as he was halfway closer to his home,the grungey looking stranger had leaped out of from behind the shadows,shoved Logan against a wall and demanded to know what he was doing walking his ladylove,Rose Crawford back to her apartment building without his permission.

But then suddenly,Logan had acted out of pure fear and smashed the poor guy in the face six times with a hard brick that he had picked off the ground.

After that,Logan was finally calm enough to look at his unfortunate victim and had became shocked to discover that it was actually Nicholas Crawford,one of his Sci-Med professors.

The next day,as soon as the City of Cleveland Police Officers had discovered Professor Crawford's dead corpse laying a block away from Patsy's apartment,Logan had packed up his gear and gotten himself out of town,for through a renegade act of murder,he had no choice,but to become a fugitive from justice for the rest of his life.