Flying with the eagles,
Breathing with the fish.
Diving with the dolphins,
Swimming with the waves.
Floating with the wind,
Soaring with the clouds.
Hunting with the wolves,
Sleeping with the bears.
In my dream world,
I can do anything.
I can make fairies right wrongs,
I can make angels grant wishes.
I can make animals talk,
I can make mature walk.
I can make heaven rule,
I can make hell disappear.
I can be a queen,
I can be a god.
The breeze sings my songs,
The waves play my lullabies.
The flowers perform my dances,
The clouds draw my paintings.
The stars shape my heart,
The skies have my soul.
In my world,
In my mind.
In a place only I have the key to,
In an empty island where only I live.
In my secret garden,
Where my silver roses grow,
And fill the air with a sweet scent.
Where my blossom petals fall endlessly,
Creating a pink snowfall.
Where my birds dance through the skies,
Singing with the wind.
Where my wolves sing to the moon,
Their howls echoing in the night.
Where my dragons breathe fire through their jaws,
Splitting the dark with light.
Where only nature may star,
And machines don't exist.
In my imagination.
Only in my mind.
an~this is a repost with spacing.