Many questions that the answer is already know.
Such fear for the one who can read my soul, my
heart, my mind, without a whim or strain in self.
Yet such a passion, desire, lust, for this one
who holds the key to my life. For none can
compare to someone so special as this. Since
none before and likely none after will hold
such a talent as this one does. A talent
that scaries, yet excites to no end. Two
emotions so extremely different the mind
does spin when they collide. Dancing in a
explosion of colors, lights, and feelings, that
such a thing only comes around once a while.
This is why it is such a dangerous thing, for
if one is to grow to accustom to such things,
it shall hurt far to much when withdrawl sets in.
So live for the day, give to your life, and love to
love forever. Since who knows when it all ends.