I wrote this for a friend who cuts herself, but it's not fairly accurate.
It was meant to be much more angry and cruel, instead it sounds like I'm
trying to help her. That wasn't my feeling when I wrote it.
And I would too
I would
just to see your reaction
I would laugh at your face
your expression
when you saw the blood dripping
down my forearm
from the thin shallow

What would you do?
If I became your mirror
Would you stop?
Knowing that every scar
you give yourself
would create another
on me

Every time you show us
tell us
we hurt
We want to help
But you're too blind
to see

All you see is blood
So I will give you
a tally
red dripping tally
etched onto human flesh
for every time

You will get mad
but it is better
than the emptiness inside
So I would
Just to save you