A Girl In The Blaze
By:Andrew Troy Keller

Linda McCrane has been a member of the New York
City Fire Department ever since her first day of work
And so far,there was nothing on this very planet
That would've possibly caused her to stray away from it.
But that was before Hell had came to New York.

On January 19th,a firey explosion had caused a school
full of people to escape a scene that was uncool.
A 911 call has reached the Squad 26 station house
And after they had reached the scene,even a mouse
Would stay within the blaze,unless he's really a fool.

After they had attached the hose to a nearby fire
Hydrant,Linda had rushed into the blaze and tried her
Skills in looking for anybody who was unable to get
Out of the school,before the blaze had engulfed it
Into the enraging inferno that was burning all around her.

But then,while Linda was looking for any more kids,
She had seen something that might be on a lid
Of a box of old fashioned dish washing soap,for
She saw a young girl wearing a dress of lore
Of a 1860's American young lady while on the skids.

And after she had walked over to the little lass
And asked her where she was before the firery blast,
The young girl had suddenly disappeared,causing Linda to wonder
What was it that had stood in front of her
And why did it look unmistakingly like a little lass.

Luckly for Linda,her partner,Desi Rodriguez had ran into
The blaze and had done what he had to do,
Which was get his partner out of the firery den,
Before the whole entire school collaspes on top of them.
After that,there was no more school to go to.

Meanwhile,back at the station house,Linda was sitting at
The kitchen table and stared right straight at her hat.
And as soon as Desi had entered the room and
Asked her why she was feeling low,Linda sighed and
And told him that she saw something that's no cat.

And after she had finished her story,Desi had placed
One of his hands on her shoulder,asked their friend,Ace
Hedren to see what was on Linda's mind and went
To the public library to figure out what she meant
When she said that she saw something in that place.

As soon as he had finally found the exact book
That he was looking for,Desi opened it and looked
Through its pages for any proof of the girl that
Linda claimed to had seen inside the large burning vat.
Then suddenly,Desi had found something interesting in the book.

Her name was Wendy Engels and in the year 1863,
A firery blaze had caused her to miss her birthday
Permanently,because she was trapped inside a school,while it
Was burning down to the ground and haunting every bit
Of each and every school that stands in the city.

And so,Desi had suddenly realized that he had a
Problem,for he has no choice,but to tell Linda
That she was being taken off of any fire fighting
Duty,but he had to do so without ever breaking
Her heart over the entire fighting the firery blaze agenda.

But then suddenly,Desi had recieved a 911 emergency call
From someone telling him that the local indoor shopping mall
Had began to be ablaze.And after he had realized
That it was built on a school site,Desi's eyes
Had grown wide as saucers and ran towards the mall.

But as soon as Desi had gotten to the scene,
It was too late,for Linda had heard a scream
Coming from inside the burning mall and had gone inside
The blaze to find the child who had to hide
Herself from the burning ambers of the whole firery scene.

And then,even though Desi had tried really hard to
Get Linda to get herself out,a section fell to
Linda and landed right on top of her,trapping her
In the same firery blaze that had also trapped her
1860's counterpart,who had no idea on what to do.

A few minutes later,after the Squad 26 team had
Finally put out the blaze,they walked into the pad
And started looking around for any signs of their fallen
Friend and found her helmet where she might have been
Standing at--and not finding her made Desi really mad.

Meanwhile,back at the station house,Desi was sitting at
The dining room table and looking at his friend's hat.
And then,while he had began to rethink his agenda,
Desi had looked up and was shocked to see Linda
Sitting in front of her and looking at the hat.

And then,after he had ran to the sink and
Splashed some cold water on his face,Desi turned and
Saw that Linda was no longer sitting at the table.
At that moment,Desi had realized that he might be unable
To see his life as nothing else,but grand.