Looking at your beautiful face,
I can't help but grin.
Feeling your eyes on me,
Smiling from this sweet sin.

But the smile misses your eyes,
Somehow the feeling is not there.
Why don't your eyes sparkle?
Why are they left bare?

I look beyond your smile,
And see the pain within.
My eye loses contact,
As I falter in my grin.

A glisten appears in my eye,
As I see into your past.
I remember who you were,
But surely the memory didn't last!

But the feeling is there,
As obvious as a love token.
You still feel the pain of death,
Leaving your heart broken.

I want to help you,
But I don't know how.
What can I do?
How much will you allow?

But you walk quickly away,
What is this that I feel?
I couldn't say a thing,
Leaving me to kneel.

I feel so useless.
I was the one to invite you here,
But what is this feeling?
My strength leaves in fear.

But you walk back to me,
Lifting me to my feet.
Your eyes are sparkling,
As to me they greet.

"Don't worry about me,
I will gain solid ground.
All I have is the moment,
To cry without a sound.

"But I know time will heal,
This broken heart of mine.
For now your smile will have to do,
Until I start to feel fine.

"Never forget this,
You are the one who saved me.
So continue to be you,
And maybe someday you'll see me."