How long will you be gone?
Will we share another dawn?
Beautiful blue eyes once full of shimmer,
Are now having trouble with just a glimmer.

Holding your body close to me,
I only wish that I could see!
Once again, your vibrant smile,
Flows through my mind in a long file.

The truth often hurts much,
But all I want is to feel your touch!
Strands of hair intertwine in my fingers,
The warmth of your body still lingers.

The tears finally break free,
Blinding me until I no longer see.
My trembling arms are still wrapped about you,
As I shake off bidding sad thoughts of adieu.

But with knowledge comes despair,
Leaving us all feeling bare.
My Angel is not returning,
Such acknowledgment leaves my stomach churning.

To die or to live,
Who decides which fate to give?
Why must this life be taken?
My last hope has finally been forsaken.

Tears of rage boil as I look to the sky,
I will not give in to the final good-bye.
I scream out my despair,
As long black wings protrude from their lair.

My look returns to the pale face,
I must now find her a resting place.
I will stay with her in the heavens,
Until my distraught feeling leavens.