When will this end?
Will we remain friends?
or will you hate me for the rest of your life?
never forgiving me for your strife
will you always resent me?
or just see through me,
like everyone else?
I cannot sit back
afraid and unhappy any longer
maybe I'm not meant to be happy,
but the absence doesn't make my heart grow fonder
my heart is fading
my mind is becoming black
the blackness is growing
invading my aching heart
I don't want to hurt you
I dont' want to be invisible again
but I can't lie anymore
It's not right, uneven is the score
I'm down at least one hundred points
You don't even know it's a game
a game it shouldn't be
but nevertheless, a game it has become
a game it will continue to be
until I'm down one hundred and forty one
I will tell you the truth
when I get the courage
because I cannot lie anylonger