Growing up

I'm not a little girl anymore
So stop treating me as such
I can take care of myself
Stop trying to hold my hand

I do have a mind
I know right from wrong
Stop screaming at me
I just want to voice my opinion

Get off my back
I need some space
You make me so frustrated
Just leave me alone

I'm 16 years old
You treat me like I'm 10
Still drilling on me
Like I'm a little kid

I'm growing up
Becoming a woman
Trying to figure out who I am
In the big world that I'm in

How am I suppose to grow
When you keep holding me back
Trying to encase me in a jewelry box
Like I'm some precious diamond

You have to understand
I need my space
Although I'll be your little girl forever
Even when I'm off and married

So step off
Let me be
I'm growing up
Accept it