My name is Private Ronald McClain of the Confederate Army. I am currently in the command of Lt. General John C. Pemberton. Today I am writing this as a record of what is happening here today, May 21st the year of our lord 1863. Currently I am stationed in the town of Vicksburg and the Union armies are taking position around the fort. I am not sure what will happen tomorrow, or even the day after that. A letter was delievered to me today from my wife back on the farm. My daughter Audery was married two weeks ago to a young man I haven't met. I haven't seen any of my family since I left to help my country fight. For far to long have I missed my family, my farm, and my home. My poor wife Elizabeth was with child last when I left. The letter also told of my poor daughter Ruth's death, at only three weeks old. Her face I'll never be able to see. This war is hard, but I am the lucky compared to others. A good friend of mine,Henry Sherman was forced to fire upon his own son yesterday. Jonathan, his son, jioned the Union Army againist his father's wishes, and met his father on the battle field yesterday. The condition of Jonathan is unknown to me, but to Henry, his son is already dead. This war is hard, and I pray every night for it to come to an end.