Fighting ABC's
Arguments erupt
out of the blue.
Bringing the end
of our time closer.
Causes are different
and yet are the same.
Dangerously close to
nullifying it all.
Everything they quarrel
about is rather trivial.
Fights over the
smallest of things.
Getting ever more
frequent and meaner.
Harsh words spill forth from their
mouths with no thought to the other.
Ice cold tones
and colder thoughts.
Just as it ends
a new one begins.
Knowing they will happen
doesn't help stop them.
Listening to those
vows made in anger.
Many things said
that shouldn't have been.
Numerous things left unspoken
that needed to be said.
Open mouths spilling
cruel messages out.
Points being made
only to be distorted.
Quotes being misinterpreted
as bad when that is not the case.
Ravenous wolves would
be kinder than these words.
Statements made that
can't be taken back.
To much said to
be fixed now.
Until they can meet in the
middle they will be alone.
Vows will mean
nothing to them.
Words can be harsh,
cold, and cruel, yet true.
X-raying the meanings
to the arguments.
Yet the interpretation
is always the same.
Zion will never be
found amongst the fights.