I hold in my hand the key to the world

Your world, with everything in it

And I crush that fragile thing

Because I am ignorant and clumsy

The rarest, most beautiful butterfly

Is the one who flies on soft wings of love

To innocently kiss your cheek

And bring tidings of your lover's devotion

And I, fool that I am, swatted it away

Like yet another preying mosquito

I did not realize the treasure it was

Until it fell from my fingers, dead.

Long into the night I suffer

A single candle burning bright

The sun has set long ago

Leaving shadows where there once was light

How stupid I was to turn away

To sneer at your offered heart

When I realize now, at this moment

That happiness was within my grasp

I see you with another

The brokenness healed and gone

And I ache with envious hunger

Knowing that you should have been mine

I sit in silence and wonder

what it would be like to hold

that position above all other

the seat of your highest regard

To touch you as the other does

To share a moment of laughter

To entice a smile like no other

the one you save for me.

But alas there is your lover

Who makes your face glow bright

There is no room for another

When you have someone to love

In the end there is no comfort

With the company of my regrets

I sit in the dark and ponder

All that might have been.