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A calm, clear, crisp night lingers outside as I shiver lightly- my black, silk bathrobe hugging my somewhat masculine curves as I felt the wind take me over.  It may still be August, but it feels like November. 

I as usual- despite the bitter winds- wish to just walk out to the balcony and watch the beautiful lake in the backyard.  The full moon is bright enough to make out everything anyway.  It's so beautiful here.  I smiled as I gave a firm nod.  I did well in finding us a place to live.  Or rather, made it a nice place for us to live.

I went over towards the sliding glass door- staring at my reflection for just a moment.  I really wasn't much.  I mean, sure, a lot of the girls had told me I was cute; but in all honesty- I never truly felt that way about myself.  I guess it just comes natural not to think of yourself as 'pretty' or 'handsome.'  But my love always told me I was just that- so I was all right.

I felt the breeze flow through my long, silky, light brown hair as I shut the door tight- not wanting any of the cold outdoors affecting the inside.  The golden rays of the moonlight almost caused my hair to look blonde as I clasped a lock of it with my left hand- gazing at it's shine.

She always loved my hair.  She told me it was like reaching out and touching a big, puffy cloud.  I had to laugh at that, but she always assured me her words with a gentle kiss.  And when she'd lay with me- she always felt like she was safe from the world below.

I sighed, my Caribbean blue eyes hazing up a bit as they returned to normal with a touch of the moonlight.  For you see, I am an angel.  The Angel of Eternal Love.  But I get to stay and live here on Earth.  I know you're thinking I'm crazy over here- but it's true.  It's how my own angel and I met.

I remember that day as if it were only yesterday.  She showed up at a friend's house and I just so happened to be there visiting.  I remember- we took one look at each other and were instantly attracted.  And eventhough we have lived to see many years pass us by- as eternal life is like that- she hasn't changed a bit.  Still the beautiful love I met that summer afternoon.

I was going through a lot at the time.  The woman I had loved before leaving me for my best friend.  The two were made for each other after all- and I didn't hate either one- it was just having my heart broken and my dreams crushed that led me to depression.  But soon that all was about to change with the beautiful maiden that graced me with her presence that one day.

She was gorgeous- enchanting and mystic as any woman may get.  I knew right then that I had to talk to her.  I had to swallow my 'male pride' and truly discover if this blue-haired goddess was anything but a wonderful dream.  And that I was worthy of being in her presence.

She had always heard of angels, but never really believed until I one day confessed to her that I held the title of Eternal Love.  She was so amazed when she saw me prove it.  She literally tackled me to the ground and smothered me in a long embrace.  I went to speak, but she kissed away my words and told me that silence sometimes said it all.

I laughed softly, wrapping my arms around her even tighter- my golden aura keeping us safe and warm from anything or anyone that would try to break us of this moment.  Just safe and secure from the world outside of us.

I asked her to be my wife not a few years later on that very day.  The anniversary of when she found out about me as I took her up to the mountains.  She loved it up there.  She'd sit and tell me many stories and legends about them- since she was absolutely taken by tales and facts about nature and all it's beauty.

I had went out and bought her a beautiful, star shaped ring the night before- sticking it casually in her champagne glass as I poured the drinks for a toast I began to propose.  The poor dear nearly choked on it if I hadn't caught her in time before she brought the crystal glass to her frost pink lips. 

She eyed it for a few moments- asking what it was as I told her to look closer.  She did so as she nearly passed out.  I guess she didn't think that I'd ever ask her like this. 

I spoke my words- dropped down to one knee- and gazed into her beautiful, sea green eyes and asked to have her heart for all eternity.  She of course gasped out yes, throwing her arms around me as we nearly got the blanket on fire- laughing a bit at the candle we had made rock back and fourth as we fixed everything up.

I had taken the ring from the drink- placing it upon her left finger as we toasted to our engagement- talking of what we felt would come next; and our feelings about the whole thing.

And then our wedding.  I hated dressing up- but she said that I always looked so cute when I did so.  My main concern was wearing a flower.  I mean, what guy does wear a flower on his jacket?  But she had melted my fears- bringing me a red rose- my favorite one of all as she stated that the flower and it's petals stood for our undying love- beautiful, sometimes one the more fragile side, but always in bloom.

It was beautiful.  We were married right by the water.  Right by the very mountains and lake where I had proposed to her that one year prior.  I never shed a tear in all my life- but I sure did when I saw her walk down that aisle dressed in white- her long, celestial moon veil concealing her beautiful face as she smiled through the clear, organic material- crystal tears glistening in her eyes.

I nearly melted with the poem she had written for me- and she cried when I recited my vows to her.  The Justice of the Peace pronounced us husband and wife as all wished us well.  In fact, we even had my best friend and my former love as our witnesses.

Our honeymoon was spent in Hawaii- by day exploring the beach and the sites around the one island we were on- and by night, sitting by a warm fire, watching the erupting volcanoes shooting their fiery wraths into the air and land from afar; and sipping those little drinks with the umbrellas underneath a starry sky. 

I was sad to go back to our state- but I knew that honeymoons didn't last forever; and that our life together was so much more important than palm trees and rolling waves.

So here I stand- gazing out onto the lake, and as well as my love lying out on the dock.  I know she's asleep, because she's known for falling into that state after being lulled by the delicate crashing of the waves on the lake, the summer wind, and song of the crickets and other creatures as ice blue hair drifts aimlessly in the wind.

Her hand is placed contently upon her lap as her endless pools of sea green- the eyes that I always found myself getting so lost in- are closed; her light pink sundress waving in tune with the wind- making it look like the two are laced in a majestic dance together in the deep heart of the night.

I just have to smile.  Deciding not to wake her, but wanting to join her- I silently creep down the stairs- the stars and moon my only witness, as I make my way up to the dock- kneeling down as I just stare for a moment.  God, we've been through so much together, and yet- after all these years- it seems like only yesterday.

I reached out, locking hands with her as her diamond ring came in contact with my own white gold band- linking the two together as she shifted slightly- releasing a soft breath as I silently sighed with relief.  I hated to disturb her.  Especially since the smile on her sweet face told me she was lost in a world of peaceful dreams.

Leaning down, I softly- as if it were just a touch of the wind- let my lips brush against her own- letting my kiss linger before pulling away slowly.  She shifted once more- this time inching closer as she sighed gently- her green eyes opening slightly as she smiled up at me- obviously still groggy from sleep, as she turned to face me- reaching up to brush some of my long hair from my pale complexion.

"Gary," she managed to speak as I silenced her with a kiss- as she had for me so many times before. 

I shifted positions- laying down beside her as I let her use my chest for a pillow- giggling softly as she gave in- pulling me even closer and allowing our bodies to come together as one.

We made love that night- again exploring every inch of our bodies and our spirits, as we shared sweet kisses underneath the moonlight- the lake our only witness as we became one.  It was beautiful. 

Once we had given in- we huddled close underneath the blanket she once laid upon by herself- being lulled to sleep as a soft, golden aura surrounded us both.  Silence says it all.


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