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I heard my alarm go off as I groaned.  I hate mornings.  I hate them with a passion.  I mean, why can't they just boycott the sun, and have it be night forever?  I don't think I'll ever know why- but in the long run- mornings, I believe, are just put here to annoy us all.

I sighed.  I should get up anyway- no wait, scratch that.  I have to get up.  I reached over and literally slammed down the off button for the alarm.  I'm surprised that I haven't busted it yet.  I mean, since I've spent so many mornings nearly chucking it off of the nightstand.

Oh!  I should probably tell you who I am, right?  I mean, since you're probably sitting here thinking I'm some strange, weird girl.  My name is Lorina Carrington, and I'm just about to start my first year of Beauty School.  But if it's easier, just call me Rini.  Everyone else does. 

I'm nervous, I confess.  I've never taken this big of a step before.  And what really amazed me is when I got into the school.  I mean, my grades weren't the best of them all.  So how I did get in is still a mystery to me.  But hey, I'm not complaining.   

I moved here from North Carolina not long ago.  I love Maine.  Crystal Lake is gorgeous.  It's always been my dream to move here, and now that I had been able to find an apartment- it was too good to be true.

Climbing my way out of bed, I threw on my bathrobe- covering up my white, silk, sleeveless, lace nightgown.  Making my way into the bathroom, I quickly jumped into the shower.  Ah, nothing like a hot one to wake a girl up, right?

I washed and rinsed out my long, midnight blue hair, throwing it up in a towel as I dried myself off with the other when I got out.  Throwing on a pair of black jeans, and a baby blue tank top- I was ready.  I blow-dried my hair and grabbed my little silver sparkly scrunchie.  I called it my 'Lucky Scrunchie- because good things seemed to happen to me whenever I wore it.  I placed my hair up in a high ponytail- my preferred style, as I got out my make-up bag. 

I applied my concealer and black eyeliner as I threw on some frost pink eye shadow, and black mascara.  Taking my final step with my pink pearl lipstick- I threw my cosmetics back in their home in my green bag and stuck it underneath the sink once more. 

It's not that I was a girlie girl by any means- I was just conscious about make up.  I grew up wearing it- so yeah.  Plus, wanting to major in fashion and beauty- you learn that it is better for your skin and brings out your looks more.  Ok, so now I'm being a girlie girl- all right, shut your screamer, Rini.

I finished getting ready as I chucked the rest of my health and beauty crap back into the medicine cabinet- killing the bathroom light and headed downstairs.  

I put on my black boots, as I grabbed my car keys and light purple bag with all my textbooks and my fashion kit that they gave me when I had first been accepted as I tossed in a notebook and some pens.  Just in case they made me take notes- it's best to be prepared, right? 

Uh oh.  That reminds me.  Tossing in some yellow highlighters, I grabbed the bag, as well as my little white mini purse and headed out- locking the door as I did so.

Making my way to my car, I threw my things in the back and unlocked the doors.  Climbing inside, I tossed my purse in the front seat- sticking the keys in the ignition as I reached up into my CD visor and popped in my Treasure Planet soundtrack. 

Ok, don't laugh at me- but I have a love for movie soundtracks.  I have a little collection actually of my favorite movies- and some just for the songs.  Treasure Planet, as you can probably tell- is indeed one of my favs.   

Shifting into 'Reverse', I backed out of the blacktop parking lot and switched the gears into 'Drive'- heading out to the campus, and to my first day of school.

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