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I met Aurora's eyes with my own.  I wanted this.  I needed this.  I wanted this just as much as she did.  I knew it.  I could tell from the way she looked at me. 

It didn't matter if it was considered 'wrong' by society; or that we had only been together for six months.  I loved her.  I loved her.  And tonight I wanted to prove that love in more than just through speaking, and snuggling.

A slight cough brought me back to reality; Aurora twirling some of her locks of pink, as she blushed, "Um.  I-I've never done this- before."

I shifted my gaze downward, laying down beside where she was spread out amongst the blanket. 

God, she was so hot.  I had to restrain myself from pouncing the poor dear right then and there.  I mean, she looked damn good lying upon that thing.  Really, really good.

"Don't worry, me neither," I cooed, laying a kiss upon her cheek.

Aurora blushed slightly; smiling up and meeting my eyes. 

She always seemed to have a fascination with them.  I never thought anything of them.  To me, they were too common.  Just…green, hazy pools of nothing.  Aurora thought the opposite. She always seemed to hold an addiction to them. 

I'm serious.

When we'd be close; I would catch her just gazing into them.  Even if we were watching a movie.  Most of her attention would be on me.  That I never understood.  And I didn't get why she had this one obsession; but hey, it was all right by me.  I mean, I may not understand myself; but she had her reasoning.

Though, I confess- her own were so much more than mine.  So deep, and enchanting.  I mean, I'd stare into them- and just feel like I had been transported into this deep, vast ocean of blue.  An ocean that seemed to calm, and soothe me. 

Just a cool, refreshing ocean that I had never been to before; but never wanted to leave from.

I felt her bring me closer; the heat from our forms seeming to merge with one another; creating a soft, soothing aura almost; amongst the cool breeze from the waters before us.

I met her eyes, as she only smiled; taking a moment to place a loving kiss upon me; speaking softly, and warmly.

"You ready?"  she spoke, gazing into my pools of green.

I simply nodded; knowing not what to say.  I mean, how can you answer such a question?  A question that would bring the taking of one's virginity.  The question that so many in love have longed to hear from the first time they gazed upon their partner.

I knew that once this night was over; nothing would ever be the same.  Aurora and I would be bonded through the act of lovemaking.  This, of course, made me nervous; but I was ready.  I had been since day one.  I wanted this, I needed this.  Aurora understood the look in my eyes when I held her. 

When I felt her place me onto the soft, yellow blanket below; I knew not to be scared; for the look in her eyes promised eternity.  They promised that I would truly be all right; and that she wouldn't hurt me.  Not for the world.  I knew it.  I could hear it when she spoke.  And I was ready to take what we had to a higher level.

I felt her start to massage my form; laying soft, butterfly kisses down my neck, as a light, but content sigh escaped me.  This-this wasn't too bad.  It was actually quite nice.  I let a smile creep across my face, as I couldn't help but look up at the stars. 

This celestial blanket of light our only witness.  It was beautiful.  The crescent moon seemed to wave it's silvery rays upon the ocean- bringing it to shine like a thousand fireflies trapped in a vast jar.  Like someone had smashed the moon to bits, and send the shards onto the water.  Like a diamond at midnight. 

It was amazing.  And right now, I was the luckiest girl on the planet.  In the universe even.

Aurora brought me into a rather passionate kiss; to which I gladly returned; feeling the locks of pink from my angel brush up against my sleeveless arms- giggling a bit from the tickling sensation; as she smirked; brushing some of it back, and winking up at me.

"You seem determined.  Are you sure you've never done this?"  I questioned. 

It's not that I thought she was lying.  Not in the least.  I just wasn't sure of where she got the way she was pleasuring me; as whatever, or whoever told her was amazing at the job.


My only response.  I decided to take it one step further.

"Well, if that's the case-" I took a moment to groan; feeling her place a kiss upon where my neck and collarbone met; speaking once again, "Where did you- learn all this?"

I was curious; as I wanted to jump up and thank them right now for it.

Aurora laughed.  She must have been sensing the sudden heat that had started to overtake me from below, as she smirked.

"There are more ways to learn than personal experience, Rini.  Movies-"

With this, she kissed my neck.

I sighed.


Moving a bit lower.

I groaned yet again.


Even lower.


I felt her descend to my chest. 

I gasped.

Oh, god, I'm going to pass out! 

Aurora winked; caressing it lightly, "And just using your logic."

I could only nod; letting myself sink into this wonderful bliss.  A bliss that so many had died for; and so many had sacrificed so much for.  Only now did I understand why.  I understood why people went beyond the impossible to feel, see, and experience this with their partners.

I knew what all of those ballad singers, and bands were talking about.  I knew love.  I felt love.  This was love.  This was my solace.  I was home.  I was truly home. 

I didn't care if people said this was wrong.  It was my path.  My journey.  My choice.  And nothing was going to interrupt this night.  Nothing.

As I felt my dress being lifted; I knew that soon I would be able to experience love as a whole.  I knew it from the look in my partner's eyes. 

Aurora shot me one final look of 'Are you sure?' as I nodded swiftly.  I was ready.  I was sure.  I wanted her right here and now; and from what she was silently promising- I would be getting my wish.

A gasp of sheer pleasure brought me from my state; feeling the heat expand; and my love truly give to me what I had been longing for since the day we met.  I felt her move both inside and outside of my form, as she soon had me moaning and groaning with pleasure.

I grasped the blanket; gritting my teeth, and trying not to be too loud.  I knew people lived by this beach, and I didn't think they'd appreciate being woken up by a woman screaming at this hour.  Granted, it was 9:30; but, hey, some people were asleep by this time.  I wanted to be considerate.

We were in a private sector; but, still.  I was just like that. 

The splashing of the waves brought us both a beautiful release, as we made love this night. The moonlight allowing us to see the reactions of each other, as we traded off in making the other feel, and silently say how much we loved each other.

The wind entwined with the soft purring of un-knowing cars running by the highway strip added a sweet, enduring melody, as I felt, and experienced my angel as a whole.  Finally.  I knew what everyone was talking about.  I was home.  I was in my own Shangri-la.  And, I never wanted it to end.

This must have lingered on for hours; as I didn't notice when the passing of cars grew to be only a memory; though the waves and wind still crashing onto us; sending us a cool spray, and seeming to refresh our bodies and spirits when it would seem to get overly hot. 

As in, the point of nearly sweating to death.

I longed for more; I ached for more; but I guess my body had finally told me to break it down for the night.  My sweet, final release found me- groaning one final, longer, but soft groan- my sudden descend down the summit of pleasure bringing me back to 'ground level'; sinking back onto the blanket, as Aurora soon joined me; licking her pale lips, and panting.

"Good God, Rini," she got out, "That was beyond amazing."

I breathed in a few times, remembering that catching your breath was the key to being able to talk right.

"Yeah.  That it was.  Thank-you, darling.  Now I know I'm a woman," I got out, snuggling into her.

Aurora giggled; bringing the second blanket that sat to the far, lower-left corner; draping it over us, as she brought my nude form closer; myself lying upon her own.

"My pleasure.  Anything for you.  And thank-you for loving me; and for just- being yourself."

A light smile, and a gaze into my eyes was all it took to know that I was happy.  My wishes had been granted with the girl I had liked since the first day we met in that Beauty School Class.  Aurora Blake was mine, and mine alone.  And I was soaring above the stars.

"Mmm.  Who couldn't love you, Aurora?  You're a wonderful girl."

With those words, I closed my eyes; breathing out a light sigh. 

Man, I was exhausted all of a sudden.  I guess they were right- this sort of thing wore a person out.  It really did.  Aurora must have taken notice, because-

"Rini?"  she spoke, lightly shifting, and meeting my eyes.

I knew this, because I had felt a soft brush of sweat-laced hair on my face; bringing my right hand up to stroke it gently.


Aurora brushed some of my own back; revealing my closed, mint-green eyes.

"You all right?" 

I nodded, feeling myself start to fall asleep. 

Aw, man.  This sucked. 

I mean, I wanted to spend more time with her.  I wanted to experience more of this bliss.  I mean, it was our first time.  This was special.  Something I didn't want to end.  But, I was baked.  And the want to sleep was starting to take over.

"Mmm," I replied, nestling into her chest.

It was comfortable lying here.  I guess they were right- chests did make good pillows.

"Aurora, can we do this more often?" I got out; feeling my girlfriend's form shake a bit from soft laughter; her arms drawing me even closer; feeling her kiss my forehead.

"Of course, sweetheart.  I plan on it, anyway," she spoke, most likely winking.

I assumed so; as I couldn't tell for sure with my eyes closed.

I nodded, a weary smile finding it's way across my face.

I was close to falling asleep right here, and now.  But, I didn't want to wake up naked on a beach in front of other people. I mean, this wasn't a beach that accepted that.  But, still- the feeling was nearly drowning me by now.

I sighed lightly; shifting even closer, as Aurora turned back towards me.

"Rini?  Are you sure you're ok?" she questioned with concern in her voice.

"Mmmhmm," I got out, "I'm just really-"

With this, I took the time to yawn deeply, "Really tired."

I released a breath, and sank into her embrace. 

All right, I couldn't fight this.  I knew she'd have to help me to the car.

Aurora laughed, getting up, "Aww.  That's all right, sweetie.  Here.  I'll carry you."

"Mmm.  You don't have to do that," I got out, opening my eyes.

Aurora shook her head, "Nope.  I choose to.  And no arguing with me.  I'm driving," she smirked.

I felt her shift completely; throwing her jeans, and shirt back on; stuffing the rest in her pocket; sliding my own dress back on; and wrapping me in blankets.  I nearly melted at the spot.

She gathered the last of the items, and stuck them back in the basket; shaking the sand from the big, yellow blanket, and lifting me into her arms; the other blanket, and basket tucked under her left arm.  I leaned into her form, breathing in the salty, sea air.

This was helping me sleep, really.  The smell, and feeling of the sea air, and wind.  It had always been like that.  I didn't understand why; but it just did.

I must have passed out right then, because I didn't remember the ride home; being carried into the house, or anything. 

I recalled being placed onto the bed; the soft plush seeming to cuddle with my tired form; a groan of contentment escaping my lips, as Aurora soon joined me; kicking off her boots, and setting her own with my own in the corner; being sure to remove them from me first, of course.

As I fell asleep; I knew that things would never be the same.  I was truly a woman now; and my love and I were bonded, and had stepped up to the next level.  Her warm embrace told me all.  Told me that this was it.  This was my dream come true. 

What would happen next is something only the future would hold; but I knew that I had the power, and was willing to face it all- so long as I had my love by my side.  And as far as I knew, and vowed- that was exactly what would come to be. 

I felt myself fade; mumbling something incoherently contently into the night; slipping into a paradise of peaceful, wondrous dreams.

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