Mary plunged herself into working the following night. She figured the best way to try and put the fight behind her was to become so completely busy, she wouldn't be able to think about. Unfortunately for her, that didn't seem to work. She would start to think about something and then that thought would run its course and eventually she was thinking about Nick and she became more depressed.

"Mary, if you want to take off, I think we can run this place." Amber said, coming up to the counter with a tray full of empty beer bottles and glasses. Mary grabbed the tray and emptied the items into their appropriate places.

Amber had heard the full story earlier when they had met up for their ritual cup of coffee before work. She had been sympathetic to the whole ordeal, but she also couldn't help but understand that Nick would be upset. Amber knew that Mary could push a subject to far.

"Nah, I'm fine. What would I do? Go home and get upset. I think I will stay here." Amber shrugged and then told Mary of the order that she needed for the birthday party happening in the one of the private rooms.

Mary spotted Marcus as he was making his way up to the bar.

"Hey." She said. Marcus smiled.

"What's going on? Nick here?" He asked. Mary frowned and shook her head.

"No, why?" Mary asked getting a beer for him. Marcus took a swig of the beer and shrugged.

"Well I called him earlier to see if he was coming out here, but I couldn't get a hold of him." Mary held her hands out, not knowing what else to say.

"I'm not sure where he is." Marcus studied his sister for a moment.

"What happened? A fight?" He asked. Mary smirked.

"You could say that. Let's just say that your sister really fucked this one up. Surprisingly, I always thought he would do something first.go figure." Mary said. She mixed herself a cranberry and vodka and sipped it.

"Really? Well, what happened?" Marcus persisted.

"Well. Nick had called me yesterday, before we were going to meet up and he said something came up and he couldn't go. Well, me not being one to just let things go, I kept asking and asking, till he had had more then enough. He got pissed, there was some yelling and he left - very mad." Mary said. Marcus nodded.

"Right. Well, you do realize you are going to have to apologize, right? I mean, if you still want to carry on this relationship."

Mary frowned. She had never been in a situation where she had to apologize to a guy before. She didn't know exactly how to go about something like that.

"Well what the fuck do I know about this situation?" Mary asked. Marcus laughed.

"Do you want to still be with Nick? Is this something that you are willing to stick with, or are you going to use this argument as a cue to move on?" Marcus asked.

Mary shrugged her shoulders. A customer came up to the bar, and seeing that the other bartenders were busy, she quickly took his order and sent him on his way.

"Well, of course I would like to still be with Nick." Mary said, returning to their conversation. Marcus finished off his beer and signaled for a new one.

"Then you need to make things right." He said. Mary grabbed a beer and twisting the cap off, she held on it for a moment before handing it to him.

"So, like the whole flowers and stuff, could that work on a guy?' Mary asked. Marcus laughed.

"Are you kidding? I don't care what a guy says, a woman gives him flowers and he will definitely be happy. Guys dig that." Mary smiled.

"Does Amber give you flowers?" Mary asked. Marcus nodded.

"You bet. And I have saved every one of them." Marcus replied. Mary rolled her eyes.

"I think I am going to throw up. Would you please get a life?" Mary said, tossing the cap to his beer at him.

As if she knew her name had been mentioned, Amber approached the bar, full tray in hand. She dumped the tray on the counter and sighed.

"I really hate these little parties." She turned to Marcus and gave him a quick kiss. "Hey honey!" She smiled brightly.

Mary moved away from the lovebirds and began to hatch her plan to win back Nick's affections. She made mental notes to stop at the florist tomorrow to have a some flowers delivered to Nick, maybe at work and at home. Then she was going to send romantic cards and maybe even chocolates and teddy bears. She figured she go for all the things that she herself would like to receive when a guy did something wrong. If anything, he would be amused and instantly call her, all would be forgiven, and she wouldn't feel like total shit anymore.

Mary paced her living room floor. She had had flowers sent to Nick at work, and then some sent to his place. She had a basket of goodies made up for him as well and that was sent with a huge balloon that said "Thinking of you" on it. Now all she had to do was wait. Of course, Mary hated to wait. Knowing that she would more than likely wear her carpet down to nothing she decided to busy herself cleaning.

Changing into a pair of sweatpants and an old college shirt, she began to attack the bathroom. When that room had been thoroughly cleaned, she moved on to the kitchen. She was gagging her way through the removal of old food in the frig when the doorbell rang.

She gratefully ran to get the door. She pulled off one of the yellow gloves she was wearing as she opened the door.

There stood Nick, holding a single pink rose and a teddy bear. He smiled at her after he had checked out her ultra chic outfit.

"Hey there." He said. Mary smiled and rested against the door. She couldn't help but check him out. He was wearing his normal 9 to 5 wear - business suit, complete with tie.

"Hi." Mary said, nervously pulling at her shirt. Nick licked his lips and smiled wider.

"You" Nick said. Mary rolled her eyes.

"Whatever." She opened the door wider and motioned for Nick to come in. He stepped through the door way and paused just inside while she shut the door.

"I got you a little something." Nick said, offering the rose and teddy bear to her. Mary pulled off her other glove and took the flower and bear.

"Thank you. Did you get the stuff I sent to you?" Mary asked. Nick laughed.

"Yes I did. Thank you very much. I was pleasantly surprised. Not every day I get flowers and so many." He said. He took the few steps separating them, and placed a hand on the wall to the side of her head. Mary could feel the butterflies in her stomach and hoped they would make her throw up.

"Well I wanted to get the point across. That I am so very sorry about the other night." Mary said. She reached up and grabbed the lapel of his jacket. Nick looked down at her hand, watching if for a moment.

"The point was received and taken. I'm sorry too. I probably should have just told you what the deal was from the beginning. I guess I'm just completely used to the notion of having a person like you in my life." He said. He raised his eyes to meet hers. Mary felt her knees turn to rubber.

"Like me? And that would mean.?" She asked. Nick took a moment to ponder the question before he answered.

"Someone that makes me feel the way you make me feel. That there is nothing more important to me right now than you. That means that I think I am falling in love with Mary." Mary could hear the words but for some reason her brain wasn't processing them. It was like it had shut down and in effect was now shutting down the rest of her body's functions.

"Uh.really?" She managed to croak out. Nick smiled. He raised his free hand, running a finger down the side of her face before tipping her chin towards him.

"Yes." He whispered. He leaned forward and captured her mouth with his. The kiss was everything one would think of as passionate. He traced the shape of her lips with his tongue. When Mary opened her mouth to let his tongue pass, he didn't immediately do so. Inside he lifted his head mere centimeters from her mouth. This causing her to sigh in misery, before he complied with her unspoken demand and kissed her. His tongue passing through her opened lips and gently exploring the inside of her mouth before finding her own tongue and rolling with it.

Nick encircled her waist with the hand that had caressed her face, the other coming round to tangle into her hair, gently pulling her head back. Mary cupped Nick's face and leaned into him, the kiss having weakened her leg muscles, rendering them useless.

When they both broke free of the kiss seeking air, Nick leaned back and pushed a wisp of hair from her face.

"So. This is what almost held me up the other night." Nick reached into his pocket and pulled out what to Mary looked like a picture. He held it out for her, and she took it. Turning it over, there was a picture of a baby.

"That's my daughter. I thought I would be at the hospital longer waiting for her to be born, but that wasn't the case." Mary stared at the picture. Her heart had stopped beating, and she thought for sure she was going to pass out.

He just a child with someone? Yet he had just told her that he thought he was falling in love with her. She couldn't think straight. Her head began to hurt and she raised her hand to rub her temple.

"I.I don't know what to say.." Mary said.