What will happen when this little girl breaks? What will we do when she decides to give up? Will anyone even care when she suddenly disappears? Don't think anyone will notice 'cause she's already gone.

To everyone she's the perfect little girl. No one sees, or even tries to look behind her smile. She's torn, broken, and abused behind it all. But no one dares to get close enough to notice her tears.

She sits all alone, yet surrounded by people. Thinking how this is all to complicated. When will her fatal breaking point come? Little did she know it would be all too soon.

She lays in the dark, crouched beside her bed. Visions of an hour ago still play behind her eyes. Screams of pain and helplessness are still ringing in her mind. The voices yelling "failure" and "screw up" are all too fresh.

But when she endures these names from her own family, she hides behind a pirouette and her own slow beat. She's already finding another place. A place far away from here.

She watches as her blood paints the floor. Gathering what strength she has left, she dances to her own tune of dripping crimson. She's blocking out everything around her.

God takes mercy and steals her away. So now she is allowed to dance among the clouds, twirling gracefully to a carefree song. This broken little girl mended through her dancing..