Fresh New Face
By:Andrew Troy Keller

Logan Wedgeworth was a multimillionaire,who
Was looking for some fresh new face to
Run one of his many companies for one year.
So,he decided to overcome one of his fears
And host a reality show,which to him was new.

As soon as the show had gotten underway,
All 16 contestants started their first day
Of work on their first assignment,which
Was to go see a tough-as-nails witch
Named Susanne Stoddard of Nobileway.

Some of them had tried to sell the merger
Idea to Susanne,but were unable to get her
To be convinced.Then,she had met a nice
Girl named Jill Shaw,who was able to de-ice
Susanne and got her to agree with the merger.

And as soon as they had returned to Logan's
Penthouse and turned in the report to the man
Himself,both Jill and Logan had looked at
Each other and their hearts gone pitter-pat,
For Jill had fallen in love with the big man.