Adultry On Tozovac Four

By:Andrew Troy Keller

If I'm not mistaken,one of the seven deadly sins of mankind would have to be adultry--and in the year 2991,that little bit of historical fact was about to be found out by the crew members of the space station Tozovac Four.

Commander Richard Sheridan and his wife,Doctor Beverley Sheridan have been happily married for at least four years and nothing had been able to ever come between the both of them.

But that was before a new crew member has reported for duty aboard the space station.

His name was Lieutenant Mark Bixby--and when he and Beverly had looked at each other's eyes,a feeling of true love had appeared between the both of them.

And then,while Richard was going over some of the duty logs on his desk,Beverly had sneaked out of their quarters wearing nothing,but a bathrobe and into Mark's quarters,just after he had finished taking his warm shower.

And after she had removed her robe and moved herself closer to Mark,both he and Beverley had placed themselves on the bed and placed themselves within a lover's embrace.

But then suddenly,a few minutes later,after Richard had finally finished going over the duty logs and noticed that Beverley was nowhere in their quarters,he had stepped out of the room and walked over to Mark's quarters.

And as soon as he had entered the room,Richard was shocked to discover the both of them having sex with each other.

The very next day,Richard had told Beverley that he didn't want to be married to her anymore and ordered both her and Mark to get themselves out of the station and back to the planet Earth,thus ending the first case of adultry on Tozovac Four.