Another poem I made up after "how you make me feel".. this one has a sweet
ending.. for me, that is..

Woke Up Falling

I can't believe my life's a mess
Love got screwed up once more
Refused to accept this as my fate
Felt more pain than I did before

Told myself no one's worth it
Saying words to heal my grief
There's no way I can get over this
I'm drowning in disbelief

It hurt when my love left me
And I could not help but cry
Smiling at every opportunity
Then turning my back to sigh

Amidst all the cloudy days
When all I saw were clouds and rain
Yours was the umbrella above me
You're the one who kept me sane

You pushed my sorrow away
Became the light that brightly shone
Whispering words of comfort
Telling me I was never alone

Stubborn, still I refused to give in
Insisting this just ain't right
I thought of you during the day
And dreamt of you at night

One morning, I happened to wake up
After falling right out off bed
I dreamt of you that evening
"I love you", was what you said

Deep feelings began to rise
I start yearning for your smile
Never really realized
That I loved you all the while

so, was I right when I said it had a sweet ending? Tell me about it..
Review then! ΓΌ