The winds bay
Listen and they say
Approaching is a nightmare
Saying you don't care
It's your imagination
That's creating this deception
As the wind progresses
It messes
With the thought of some terror
A fiend of hell or
Worse something no man has lived to tell
Coming from the haunted well
'Tis but an old wives tale
You tell yourself about the gale
But still the winds howl
And at its message you scowl
The only thing to fear is fear itself
Or else you'll be alone on a shelf
Boldly walking
The thought stirs about something stalking
Turn around and nothing is there
Nothing of terror not to your despair
You're beginning to grow more deliberate
With each step opens the gate
The only thing that flows faster then water is fear
And you catch a sound that's hard to hear
Turn to look
White as a ghost and shook
Terrified by the unnamable
Can't stay stable
For what you did hear
Was the definition of Fear