Hatred. Hatred is an emotion. Most people will hate someone or something in their lives. For example, I hate windscreen wipers. I can't bear them, sometimes I so feel like getting out of the vehicle and breaking them. One of the most common lines of hatred (I may be wrong) is the hatred of yourself. I know quite a few people who hate themselves. I'm one of them. This hatred can make you do things. You can physically harm yourself, or you can torment yourself mentally. I find it easier to just torment myself because I can't bring myself to physically harm myself. I don't have the will power. Although I won't or feel I can't if you are self harming or tormenting yourself you should get help. You need to get someone who will support you and stop you hating yourself, because we are all good people and we don't deserve to be hated. Especially not by ourselves.

Authors note: By the way this is just some crap I wrote in the dead of night. I personally think it's shitty and I don't think anyone will listen to it but please r&r anyway.