The Zeta-Jones Nebula

By:Andrew Troy Keller

Joanna Buckles has been one of those people who had served aboard the starship USS Banderas without a single weird thing happen to them--and also one of those who were also card carrying skeptics,for to that type of people,there actually was no such things as ghosts and goblins.

But that was before the ship had arrived at the Hopkins reserch station,which was orbiting a stellar mass known as the Zeta-Jones nebula,which was named after the actress named Catherine Zeta-Jones,because it was as beautiful as she was.

And after it has docked itself inside the station's hanger bay,Joanna and a small group of her fellow crew members had stepped out of the ship to greet the station's senior staff,only to discover that there was not one single soul in the hanger bay,which had caused Joanna to ask what had happened to them and where were they.

In order to answer those questions,each of the crew members had been ordered to split into teams of two and search the entire station for any sign of life.

Just then,after she and her partner had entered the control room and noticed that it was as empty as the hanger bay,Joanna had walked over the main computer and was about to use it to find out what had happened to the station's crew.

But just as she was about to do so,an invisible force had started choking the lifeforce out of both Joanna and her partner,who--along with the rest of the crew of the USS Banderas--had suddenly became the latest victims of the haunting of the Hopkins reserch station--and it was all caused by the terrifying power of the Zeta-Jones nebula.