Broodings on a Blazer


The girls' uniform of the particular Catholic school I have in mind is the stereotype of a girls' Catholic school uniform. Starting from the bottom, no open heel or open toe shoes may be worn, boots, clogs, sandals and tennis shoes are also prohibited footwear items (although the school is rather lax on the last item). Hose, conventionally-colored knee socks, or tights of solid color are to be worn with these shoes (but the school is very lax on this also). An item essential to the stereotype Catholic school girl uniform, a somber colored green and blue plaid kilt is also to be worn. This kilt is to be no more than two inches above the knee (However, many of the girls wearing this uniform seem to need a lesson in the human anatomy or simple mathematics or both; the skirts of these students are often up to their derrière). Above that is a to be a white oxford blouse that is, of course, neatly tucked in.

Which brings us to the uniform's focal point - a blazer. This blazer, which is navy blue with three gold buttons sewn on the cuff of each sleeve and two on the front, seems rather innocuous. But try this blazer on and it may not seem so innocuous. It restricts movement to the point where it might drive the more hyperactive members of the human species insane. Anything more than the slightest twitch of a muscle and one will feel restrained, and I daresay even claustrophobic. My question to you: Did the school do this on purpose?

Did the school choose such a style of blazer as to symbolize its smothering religious beliefs, or is coincidence simply showing its elusive face? In either case, it is an appropriate tangible item of the aforementioned religious beliefs. These religious beliefs are forced on to these students, who must accept, or at the very least play the masquerade of accepting, this credo. Without any consent of their own. I have often been made to wonder about this. Is there someone in this school like me, enslaved to a system of values they do not believe, and maybe even hate?