Lock me away
'Cause I'm still sane
Complainin' about the wheather
When there's no rain.

My ass is smart,
when I'm playing dumb
The world stands still,
so I'm on the run.

[big drummy bit]

Self indulgent in
Your point of view.
I may be a clone
but, hey, we're people two!
[pause for thought.]
[tempo drops]

Dear S.O.C
Welcome, this is me.
Six minute epic
but still far too short.

[builds up tempo]
[guitar solo]
Lock me away
'cause i'm still sane.
So slow witted
I'm ahead of the game.
[bass solo]

Lock me away
'cause i'm still sane.
i got no nerve
because of my pain.

[change timing]
Lost my rhythm.
No rhyme scheme.
Don't expect from me
any consistant theme.

[back to standard timing.]
Figure me out;
You're still wrong.
Simple enough words
Just a complex tongue.

Lock me away,
'cause I'm still sane.
Dumb-ass song
Yet I stick in your brain!

[instrumental out. Clock in at precisely 6 minutes.]