I flew off a mountain, and I fell,
And you stood before the gates of hell,
To stop Satan from snatching me,
And once again you set me free.

I jumped over the abyss, and lost my balance,
And you beheld the Grim Reaper and I dance,
And threw yourself between him and me,
Catching me before I drowned in Hades' misery.

I got lost inside Shelob's lair,
And you stood against Sauron's despair,
To keep me from falling into his arms,
And once again I lived through the storms.

You were always there, watching over me,
As I danced with the Grim Reaper, in a sea,
Of blood and corpses, falling through the world,
Every time thinking I would leave it, my screams unheard.

Yet every time you came, and you saved me,
But I'm sorry for my ungratefulness, you see,
It comes every night, and it always asks,
For one last dance, and I accept the tasks.

So will you make me immortal?
For whenever I linger at the underworld's portal,
You are there to bring me back to earth,
And so many times have you witnessed my re-birth.

But know, that I love you, only I cannot help it,
I love the risk, and I cannot tame my spirit,
The Grim Reaper and I are friends,
Though I know we will not meet the same ends.

It will murder me mercilessly, but until,
I enjoy playing its game, of hurt and kill,
Though I know that were it not for you,
I would long have left this dance floor on which I grew.

But despite our love, I cannot shake the Reaper,
It's my addiction, and I inject the needle deeper,
Every day I see it, because I adore the peril,
And I gamble my life with one I worship: the Devil.

AN: This is another one of those completely out of the blue poems, when I
mean out of the blue it means that it was triggered by absolutely nothing I
have seen or heard lately, so it's fresh out of my twisted mind. It's about
um, a girl, who simply risks her life at every corner because she loves the
danger, and there's someone who always saves her yet she goes off again.
Lol, anyway I like it, beats me why, lol. Please be kind enough to review.