The sun was about to set, casting brilliant rays onto the endless ocean.

The hero held the heroine in his arms... desperately protecting her from the hands of death.

"You can't die now! You still haven't told me your name yet!!!"

The beautiful young woman raised her head, her lovely eyes focused on the handsome face of her protector. "Yes, I have not told you my name... It's..."


"What!?! Hey! Who turned off the TV?"

The young man stared at the now empty screen then spun around.

"It's time you went to bed, young man!" His mother stood at the doorway, arms crossed. She was still in her work clothes, and the bits of make-up she forgot to clean from her face made her appear more commanding, if not more comic, than usual.

"But mom, you made me miss the climax! She was just gonna say..."

"It's Sayo. My name's Sayo." The mother rolled her eyes. "Yes, yes, that's the twenty-third time I've caught you watching that scene this late at night. Now put away your CD and get some sleep!" She walked out into the hallway, then spun around. "NOW!"

"Yes, mom..."

Grumbling, the son went to the VCD player, knowing that he had no other choice but to stop watching TV. (Geez, can't a guy finish just one scene?) After carefully placing his CD in his collection, his eyes immediately shifted to his bookcase.

"Oh well, I guess I'll just have to settle for this..."

Taking one of his RK* manga from its position on the shelf, he jumped into bed and opened the comic book to the scene that had been abruptly cut short.

"You can't die now! You still haven't told me your name yet!!!"

"Yes, I have not told you my name... It's Sayo... My name's Sayo..."

* * *

(Author's note: Dear readers... Take A Hint is now back up and running... the reason the story hasn't progressed is because I've just migrated and life has been horribly busy for me... plus the fact I'm not in the base setting of the story -_-'...

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