Author's Cut


My readers tell me that I ought to speak more of my characters. First, let me just tell you about the story. The idea wasn't mine, it belonged to someone whom I care about deeply. Who I can no longer call mine.

But anyway.

He came up with the outline, the plot and I merely breathed words into his ideas, helped him shape it into something that people could read and relate to.

The story because revolves around two people - Trent Loh and Eleanor Low. Two friends who by the morbid twist of fate end up falling for each other. Perhaps it sounds almost typical and clich├ęd.


But the aim of this story is not to prove that even in the darkest of moments fairytales do exist. Its to teach you to feel, to relate and to understand. To experience turmoil and angst. Confusion and befuddlement.

What is life without its lessons in love and emotion?

I never meant it for anything complex, anything deep. The characters are who they were meant to be. Human, flawed and imperfect. Just as we all are. Why bother reading about someone or someones who are perfect? Who get what they want and who perpetually get a happily ever after?

Life is rarely ever is a true happy story. We all know that. And this is what Now or Never is about. I hope this clears up issues about shallowness of characters and unsubstantiated grounds by which humans are governed by their own irrational and green thoughts and emotions.

Just read. Just enjoy. And maybe. take a while to remember that you too sometimes are like Trent or Eleanor.