Ignoring her internal hurt,
This broken ballerina arises
A simple pirouette and she smiles
One of her many disguises

An arabesque and she winces
As blood pours from her toes
She wipes away the tears
Grits her teeth and changes her pose

She raises her hands up on pointe
Oh how she wishes she could stop
But no, she won't, not yet
She'll dance till her heart drops

Glissade, skimming through blood
Shutting her eyes she twirls on end
Drowning in pain, she pushes herself
She cries out as her arms extend

The music ends but she is still twisting
She won't stop until her veins run dry
Until her pain fades away,
And her eyes forget how to cry

Dancing harsher, a haunting tune begins
She chasses and paints her shoes red
Her heartbeat quickens as the crowd stares
She supports a smile and tips her head

The crowd gasps in horror as she rises on pointe
A perfect fouette and she finally stills
A proud ballerina, she smiles in approval
The crowd cheers, applauding her skills

Her soul mends with her dancing
She nods and clutches her bouquet
Such a beautiful performance
She's proud of her bloody ballet