Frustrations of Romance

Hey guys, I'm not a great writer, and this is my first romantic sort of story so bear with me, I used a few personal references so if you know me then don't think to hard into this, I just used characters I know, lol. Well hope you enjoy it, and if you have an ideas, or criticisms, then I'm open to your opinion.

A dirty blonde haired girl with green eyes stood in front of me. Only inches from my face. looking into her eyes with great compassion, "Such beautiful eyes, and red lips." CUT CUT CUT, what is that noise! Mrs. Sanders had started her daily rampage again. Ever since I met Mrs. Sanders that first day of high school theatre class, I found that we weren't going to get along. With her obnoxious loud voice and her annoying laugh I decided it was going to be a long relationship between us. I found ways to get her fired up, and she found things to pin on me. But today I wasn't paying attention to her antics. Our school was putting on the production of South Pacific, and before Mrs. Sanders had but me off I was about to move in and kiss the one girl I've been dreaming about my whole life. I stood there still looking deep in her eyes, holding her near, feeling the warmth of her body against mine."Umm Josh, she said cut." "O sorry about that, just dazed out. Gosh why are you trying to grope me, get away you whore!!!" I jokingly pushed her away. I saw that smile spread across her face again and I felt at ease. Ashley and I had been friends for as long as I can remember, but never had more than just a brother/sister type of relationship. (Not that I haven't thought many times of wanting something more.) "Josh if I was a whore, you wouldn't have enough money to have me even if you were related to Bill Gates!." We walked off the stage fake swinging at each other and acting like two complete idiots. As we reached the outside of the building a silver Mercedes pulled up by us holding a dark skinned eighteen year old with curly hair. This was one of those guys who could easily be on one of those teenage soap operas like Smallville or the OC. Not only because of his looks, but his attitude resembled something of a punk who could take on anyone, but was to cool to lift a finger. (Cause it might mess up his hair or give him a black eye, and then he wouldn't be all pretty anymore, and that's all that matters right?) He whipped of his sunglass (o ya that's original) and gave me a dirty look. "Come on Ashley, we're going to see a movie tonight. O and Josh, maybe you should try finding yourself a girl, maybe you can go on a double date with us sometime." His real reason for saying this wasn't as an act of friendship or to be nice, but to shove it in my face that I didn't have a girlfriend, and that Ashley was his. Craig knew I liked Ashley more than just as a friend, even though I hoped she didn't, and he liked to rub it in that she didn't feel the same way. Before they drove off he made sure to shove his tongue down her throat where I could see it. I watched them drive off, feeling a sense of defeat, and I walked to my truck. "Hey Katie do you need a ride to church tonight?" I had called Katie Park on my cell. If I had a little sister then Katie would be her. One of my best friends all through my freshman, sophomore, and junior years of high school was Joe Park, but he was a year older than I was and now was a freshman in college. Joe also had a little sister Katie, and I use to come over all the time to Joe's house and usually I would end up hanging out with both of them since Joe didn't like to leave his sister out. Katie was a browned haired 9th grader with braces. She was the one girl I could tell everything too, and knew I could trust. I don't know how a senior and an 9th grader could be such good friends but we still had a good time hanging out. Now trust me I never felt "that" way towards her, but she was one person who I didn't mind telling how I actually felt. She was also very open with me and it was fun being an older brother. One time she got stuck at the mall with her friends and was waiting for Joe to pick her up. Joe had called me and asked if could give her a ride since he had basketball practice. So I'm pulling up next to her when I notice this little punk want to be who looked about a year older than her trying to get fresh. Now when your hanging upside down almost wetting yourself you start to see more clearly why you should respect girls. Especially when they have friends twice your size! In other words I totally scared off the little brat. That's when Katie and I really started becoming friends. I pulled up to her house and she jumped in the car, "Ok Josh get over Ashley for God's sake, your like a broken record!" I started at her in awe. I hadn't said two words and she knew exactly was I was thinking about. "Ya so, you've been crushing on that Travis Jones for a long time yourself." I remarked trying to regain some dignity. "Well Travis is freaking hott, but I don't want to marry him. You act like you and Ashley should spend the rest of your lives together and grow old and wrinkly by each others sides." I just gave her a stern look to shut up, but deep down I knew that she was right. Heck I'm a romantic, even if I don't act like it on the outside. Katie just blew me off and started changing the radio station to some weird pop crap she likes to listen to. We were half way to the church when the traffic starting backing up. "Shoot we're going to be late now." I muttered to myself. As we crept along I noticed there had been a crash. Lights flashing everywhere I scanned the area trying to figure out what had actually happened. That's when I saw something that made me slam on the breaks!