The Dream Collection

By: Jewel Krystal

Dream I, pt. 1


All dreams mentioned in these short stories have been reanimated to fit story sequence. These stories are based on dreams that I have had over time. Some of the dreams are realistic. Some are unrealistic. (Some people are gonna kill me when then read this.) This is some good story material…just gotta find the right words. Well, hope ya likes it. Bonjour, Bonsoir, A tout a l'heure…whatever suits you.

Dream 1: The Thieves That Were Ballin', pt.1

Today was a normal day for Raymond and Samantha. Their everyday job was to steal just about anything. Today the two sixteen year olds were planning another heist. Today they were gonna hit a computer tech's apartment. "Yo, Sammy! You ready?!?!" Raymond asked. "Hell yeah, nigga," Samantha replied. "Well let's go then. You know that nigga ain't gon be gone all day long," Raymond said.

         The two were ready. They were planning to steal a television, a new game system, and a Mercedes Benz bike. They had their lock-picks and their AK's. "Get yo self up and come on, damn it! ---**looks at Raymond idiotically** "Kaki! Come on!" Samantha yelled. "A'ight, a'ight. I'm comin," Raymond replied. They got their things and soon left to go get what they had planned to get.

         They walked around the block to an apartment complex. The man they were going to rob lived on the third floor. So they went up to the apartment. Samantha turned the doorknob to find out that the apartment was left open. "Damn…This dude dumb as hell. How in the hell you live in a house where you don't lock yo door?" Samantha asked Raymond. "I don't know, but it's a good thing for us," Raymond replied. They both entered the apartment thinking that no one was there. But something went wrong… "Who's in there?" a voice asked. Raymond and Samantha remained silent. The man who lived in the residence walked into his living to find out that thieves were standing in his home. He took his gun out while Raymond did the same. "Fine, I'll just call the police," the man said. "No, don't that. We just want the bike and the game system, forget everything else we were about to take. Come on," Samantha said trying to reason. She whispered into his ear and pulled him into his room. The man was shocked about what she was letting him do. He got a condom out his drawer and looked at Samantha. "Yeah, now come on. I ain't got all day," Samantha said. The man pushed Samantha on his bed and did what he wanted.

          When the man was done with Samantha, he helped them put the goods down the stairs. "Thanks man!" Raymond exclaimed. "Damn, brah. I wish I ain't had to do that," Samantha said. "Do what?" Raymond asked. "I wish I didn't have to give that freaky ass nigga some of this pussy," Samantha said. "Yeah, you right. But, we had to do what had to do. We make our cash off this. We don't live with anyone but ourselves. They killed both our families. This the only way we got to survive," Raymond said. "Yeah, you got a point. Well, let's go home," Samantha replied.

       …"What cha doin?" Samantha asked. "Nothin," Raymond replied. "Well, why you got the door closed?" Samantha asked. "No reason. You can come in," Raymond replied. Samantha came in the room and sat on the end of their bed. "Why you gotta wear that?" Raymond asked. "Because it's comfortable. What's wrong with a negligee?" Samantha asked. "There's nothin wrong with a negligee. It's just that you're kind of attractive when you wear that," Raymond replied. "Well, you know that I like to see you in those boxers you got on. Um…what chu wanna do?" Samantha asked. "You know what I wanna do," Raymond replied. Samantha decided that she had to get some satisfaction. She got on top of him and started talking dirty to him. Raymond liked it a lot. "Look, you gotta give it to me good. If you don't, well…Don't expect this to happen again," Samantha said. Raymond nodded and reached for a condom out of the nightstand. "I won't disappoint you," Raymond said.

Hours later, they both got phone calls from their friends. They had to go their separate ways. There were plans for the night.

        Samantha got in her Corvette and drove off. She was going to her friend, Christiian, house to shoot pool with her. She hadn't seen Christiian in three years. Christiian was her first love. This was before her family was wiped out by a gang of thugs. She was glad to get a chance to see Christiian. **ring** "Damn. I wonder who that is." Samantha said to herself. She looked at her monitor. It was Christiian. "Connect." "What's up? I'm on my way now as you can see," Samantha said. "Yeah, I know. I just wanted to see if you had got the wine coolers," Christiian said. "Yeah, I got 'em. Strawberry kiwi, right?" Samantha asked. "Yeah, that's it. Well, see you in a minute," Christiian replied. "A'ight. See ya," Samantha replied. "Screen off."

        When Samantha pulled up to Christiian's house, Christiian was outside in the porch swing waiting for her. Samantha turned off her car and got out of it. She walked up to the porch and sat down in the swing with Christiian. "You haven't changed much since I last saw you," Christiian said. "My appearance hasn't changed much…but my lifestyle has. I'm not who you think I am," Samantha said. "Yeah, I know. Your friend, Casey, told me. He said that you and Ray are big time thieves. You two have really changed. You used to be a good girl," Christiian said. "Yeah. But I was slick, too," Samantha said. "I know. You were slick in every way. Especially in the bedroom," Christiian said. "I still am. But, now we gotta go inside so we go shoot some pool." Samantha said.

        …"Ha! I won again!" Samantha exclaimed. "You've always been good at this. Is that why you always wanna shoot pool with me?" Christiian asked. "No… Besides, I didn't tell you to buy this pool table. This was your decision, not mine." Samantha replied. "True…but, I think we should go chill for a little while," Christiian said. "Um… No. I wanna challenge you right now," Samantha said. "Now you know I can't dance," Christiian said. "Yeah, uh huh. Whatever you say," Samantha said. "Well… I guess we can go chill. Did you buy what I told you to buy?" Samantha asked. "Yeah, I did. Did you bring the wine coolers in the house?" Christiian asked. "Yeah, I wasn't forgettin that," Samantha replied. "Alright then. Time for us to do what we usually do," Christiian said. "Well, let's do it differently this time. I mean, we're older now and we actually have licenses. Let's drive and do it," Samantha said. "Sammy, that's dangerous!" Christiian yelled. "Calm down… I meant smoke weed, not drink. I'm takin us somewhere so we can drink in peace," Samantha replied. "Oh… So where are we goin?" Christiian asked. "Not tellin. It's a surprise," Samantha replied. "Alright… Let's go," Christiian said.


A/N: Half a dream done… Good start for me and you readers. Next chapter finishes up with Samantha and begins with Raymond. What'll happen next? Just wait and see.

---Jewel Krystal


Ms. Masaki


Sasami Jurai