The Dream Collection

By: Jewel Krystal

Intermission #1

Commercial I


Back again. Dream 4 seemed quite awesome. Anyway, this is the intermission; so, sit back, relax, and enjoy. A tout a l'heure!

Jewel Krystal: These are previews of what can be future stories from me. You affect this. If there is no potential in this, please, let me know.

Commercial 1: Run!

What am I to do? Can I get away? This thing is chasing me and I don't know how to stop it. Help me.

I guess you're trying to figure out who I am and how I got into this situation. My name is Alex and I'm a 13 ½ year old girl from the city of San Diego, CA. Anyway, I happened to get something I shouldn't have gotten the day this thing started chasing me….

Phone: Hello? Hi, Alex! Who's this? Aw, Alex! Don't be silly! You know who I am! Oh! Hey, Marion! About time, you! So, what's up, Mari? I found something really awesome today! You did?! Yeah. What is it? I'm not sure yet. That's why I need you to take a good look at it for me. Ok, I'll be there soon. Hurry! Ok, ok! Bye, Alex! I was extra excited and anxious about what Marion could have found that was so awesome. I hurried quickly to Marion's house to find out what the mysterious thing was.

I was out of breath when I got there. I went around back to the backyard. "Hey, you made it, Alex!" Marion exclaimed. "Yes, I did Mari," I said. "Come! Let me show you the thingy!" Marion exclaimed. I followed her to the tree we would sit under everyday. There, on the bench under it, was a red…gem. I wasn't exactly sure what it truly it was. "I can't tell anything about, Mari. I have no clue about what this is or what it does," I said. Marion became very disappointed because she thought for sure that I could figure out what it is. "Hand the thing over here, Mari," I said. She quickly handed it to me. Once it was in my hand, it began to glow. Why? I do not know. I knew this had to be something terrible because it just didn't feel right as this thing glowed. I was blinded as the light from it got brighter. It started sinking into my hand slowly. I began to squirm in pain. Finally, the pain stopped and the light disappeared. I looked down at my hand. I didn't see "it" in my hand anymore. From out of nowhere, a man dressed in black appeared in front of me. "Give me the stone," He said. I shuddered in fear and took off running.

Now do you see what's going on? I have no idea of how I get rid of this stone or why that man is chasing me. Uh-oh! He's coming! HELP ME!!!