Author's Note: This is probably
what happens when my scientific,
mathematic and equation-y mind
mixes with my other side. Please
let me know what you think; reviews
and constructive criticism is
appreciated, but please, no flames.


I know that I love you,
I know that you don't care.
I know it will never work,
I know the world's not fair.

A year to test my premise,
And now I finally know.
I try to hide my emotions,
Trying not to let them show.

A constant for my equation:
My heart belongs to you.
But sadly I must admit,
The inverse is not true.

You say that you love me,
But you don't; don't pretend.
You say it for my sake,
But this charade must end.

Thus concludes my theorem;
I hate it when I'm right.
The sun won't ever shine...
...welcome, perpetual night.

I really wish someone would
End my suffering; my pain.
End this perpetual darkness.
End this perpetual rain.

~ "Postulates of Love" by JL 1/24/04

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