Hi. I'm........ well you can call me Rain. My real name doesn't matter to you. It's not like you care. So yeah, just call me Rain. It's a beautiful name don't you think? I gave that name to myself when I was younger. I've always loved the rain since younger.

Yeah anyway, the time is...... uhm... hold on let me ask someone, heh, sorry, its just that.you see I lost my eye sight just last year. Yeah, I know what's going through your mind now. Pitying me now huh? Well, not to be rude or anything but please take back your pity. I don't need it. I'm okay. I don't want to be looked, or treated differently from anyone else. I want to be accepted.

It's just like how gender is discriminated. Same with handicapped and non. We're just the same though. Really. I'm just a normal girl like anyone else. The only thing I'm missing are my eyes. Yeah? So what? Deal with it. Sometimes I miss them though. But I'm living on and proud of it. I still go around and party with my friends.sort of.... well, you see, I haven't been invited to much these days. I keep on telling myself it's because my friends are busy, they're too busy to party these days, but I've got this feeling , this sharp feeling that they aren't.

I mean my friends aren't the kinds who would study. well some do, but most who host parties, they place homework on the 'unimportant' list in their brain. Blah. Oh well. I guess if they can't take in that I'm blind, I guess if they see me differently when I'm blind, then I guess I'll have to deal with it. And they aren't real friends at all. Tough. Yeah I know. But life's tough, and whining won't help. So I'll just have to deal with it.

Well, I guess I am a little tired now. It's almost... Oh right, still haven't ask someone what time it is. Hold on...

Ahh, you know what just happened? I had my cane next to me, and I was holding it. I was walking around feeling the walls, and tapping on things to make sure I don't trip over them, then suddenly I bumped into someone. First I thought it was my brother so I was like "HEY! Watch where you're going!" Yeah, I know, I'm mean. But anyway, the person turned out to be my brother's friend Jerome, which I have a MAJOR crush on. DLGHAKDFHA!! Yeah I know, tough luck.

He was like, "oh sorry" and I'm like standing there speechless. My face started to burn. Blushing? Yep. I'm pretty sure that's what he saw. Blah.

I'm so embarrassed now. When I heard his voice, with my burning face, I started to run and run, and somehow I guess I found my way back here. Don't know how, so don't ask. Anyway, why was I out there again? Oh right. The time. Well, I sure ain't going out there again! So I'm just going to sleep without knowing what the time it is. Big deal. I can live with that. But I sure can't face Jerome again.

So night now. Bye.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Rain pressed the enter button with her pinky. She had long memorized the keyboard before her eyes were gone. So she was still capable of doing something she had enjoyed before. Writing her diary. But because she couldn't write without looking at what she was writing, she decided to make an online diary. Today she wrote her first entry.

She took a deep breath then used her hands to try to feel the top of the laptop. When she found it, she closed it. Then slowly she got out of her seat and walked toward her bed. Because she had lived in this room all her life, she memorized where everything was. She was already in her pajamas. So then she didn't need to change. All she did was snuggle under her covers. Her brain immediately stopped thinking as soon as her head hit the pillow. Her spirit started to soar then. It started flying and flying. Higher and higher until it came to the gates of dreamland.

A smile was pasted onto her face as she slept peacefully in her small and cozy room.


,,, Flowers. Flowers were falling down from the sky. Rain started to laugh. She could see. She could see again!! The beautiful flowers. She missed them so so much. Why had she taken these for granted before? "HONEY!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!! YOU'RE AWAKE!!" A huge woman embraced her into a hug. Her...MOM?!?!?!

"M-m-m-om?" she looked at her mom closely. She looked just like before.Wearing her usual outfit. A huge t-shirt , and a silky skirt that came to her ankles. "B-b-but you're dead.." Rain looked at her mom confused.

"What are you talking about Rain?? Me? Dead? We, "creatures" as they throw us in the category of, cannot die child. We live forever. That's the curse that has been running in our blood since the beginning of time. Rain, don't you remember? Don't you remember?" her mom looked at her concerned. "W-what did you call me?" Rain asked her mom confused. Did her mom just call her Rain? "Uhm. Rain? Darling.that's your name..."

"No.. my name is Katherine..that's what you named me....I never told you the name I've given myself mum. I named it to myself after you died." her mom's face hardened and her eyes started to become cold as soon as she said that.

"Katherine." she breathed out in this murderous tone.

"Uh.y-yes mom." Rain said now scared.

"She's the one who did this to you... I don't know why you still like her.. She was a bad person. A bad friend. A traitor Rain. how can you think up yourself as Katherine after all she's done? Rain! Wake up!!! Wake up and look around you!! Humans aren't as pure as you think they are. They aren't like us.. they kill Rain. THEY kill for their own pleasure. They pollute the air without knowing. Katherine, she was one of them Rain!! WAKE UP!!! AND LOOK AROUND YOU!!" her mom wasn't looking at her anymore. Her mom was looking up into the distance. Lost in her thoughts.

************* Rain suddenly bolted up from her bed, her head connected with something hard. Someone cried out in pain as Rain did the same. "OWWWWW!!!!!! GEEZ CHRIST KATHERINE!!!" she heard someone shout. She tried to look around but saw nothing. It was so dark.

"Who is it? I can't see you..it's so dark... .where are you? Hey! Open the lights please!! " She moved her hand around the dark trying to find the one who had just killed her head. Instead of her hand finding someone, arms wrapped around her tightly.

"Oh Rain. oh god.my little Rain.." And then it hit her, she was blind. How can she forget?! That was just a dream. A dream. Illusion. Sobs started to rise from her. She had wished so much that it was true. That she really can see again. But, wishes, how can she be so ignorant. Wishes never come true.

Now in her brothers arm, she started crying until all her tears were out. None left within her chest where she held them. She opened the gate letting them free.

When she was done she felt better. She sniffed a bit, pulled back and smiled. A small one. "Sorry about that Eric..heh, I just kind of forgot I was.yeah.." there was this silence of understandment after she said that.

"Hah, Eric huh? I thought you DIDN'T know who I was!!! Katherine!!.. How could you!?! I'm your brother!!! How can you forget my voice?" Rain smiled a bit when he said that.

"I thought I told you to call me Rain from now on Eric!! And I had this dream.. That made me forget....that I was." Rain hesitated for a moment, then choked out , "blind...so yeah...and you know how I hate mornings!! Why'd you have to wake me up!?!? You deserved that hit in the head!!! " she said pushing herself away from his bear hug.

"No I didn't!!!!!!! And HAH you got hurt too, but anyway.. it's cause me and Jerome are going to the beach and--------" Before he could finish Rain cut in.

"I'M GOING!!!" she jumped up from where she sat and used her hands to search for something to wear. She felt some jeans and pulled it out. Then she her hands found a tank top which she pulled out. She quickly dressed in her room, not caring if his brother saw her. I mean, it was her brother, so it didn't really matter. As soon as she was done, her brother led her out to the living room where she felt body heat coming from the other side of the room.