Elwyn released Heather's hand and stood away from the bed. She watched him pull back with a pained and saddened expression. He put his back to her and looked between the two other men in the room. "You feel that Nick?"

Nickodamous lifted his head and glanced around, eyes tracing over the walls as if he was looking through them at something beyond. "Magic… old magic."

On the cliff overlooking the beach belonging to the rental house stood Nicholas. He lowered his hands and peered downward with a somewhat pensive expression. Flanking him was Macha and Zori, the vampires studied the house below, their faces grim. A few remaining motes of power drifted off of the naga's finger tips and vanished. "They are within."

"What is the plan?" Zori asked.

"I will handle Nickodamous; you two get to the woman and kill her."

"I can kill anyone who gets in my way, right?" Macha smiled darkly, growing eager for the coming battle.

Nicholas hesitated for a moment then nodded. "Correct."

"Good, I smell a wolf and I'm eager to bath in his blood." The young vampire laughed wickedly.

"Always so crass Macha." Zori sighed, shaking his head. "Remember our mission comes first, enjoyment second."

"I know master." Macha sneered, growling softly.

"Let's move." Nicholas said stepping off of the cliff and falling straight down to the sands below. The two vampires watched him drop like a rock but land with a smooth grace. They exchanged glances then followed him. Macha landed harder than his master who drifted down like a floating feather for the last few feet.

Elwyn removed his coat and checked his guns once last time, he turned and pointed to Len. "You stay here and keep an eye on her; I'll handle Nicholas, Nickodamous you take the two vampires."

"I want to fight." Len protested.

"Sure, fight if you want, and leave her in here alone and in labor." Elwyn snapped at him staring at him evenly.

Len flinched realizing the sidhe was right. "Alright… but if they get inside…"

"Then you will of course engage them." Elwyn rolled his eyes and stalked towards the front door. "Let's get this over with."

"Elwyn, shouldn't I deal with Nicholas?" Nickodamous asked, trailing after him.

"No offence Nick but I don't trust your ability to go all out against him." Elwyn said, glancing back at him.

"I know he'll come back, I won't go easy on him." The big demon responded grimly.

"You can keep saying that till you're blue in the face and I still won't believe you. Just leave him to me; you're better equipped to deal with a pair of vampires anyway."

"Wouldn't you just shoot them? That seems to be a pretty effective way of dealing with them." Nick pointed out.

"Wont work against the elder but it would take out the younger one easily enough. But if I were to strike the young one first it'll leave me open to the elder and he'll be pissed off that I killed off his clanmate. Guns aren't the most effective tool against vampires anyway." Elwyn said matter-of-factly, pausing at the door. "Huh… Nicholas doesn't realize I'm here." He smirked arrogantly.

"I thought you couldn't read Nicholas' mind?" Nickodamous asked puzzled.

"I can't touch his mind but the baby vampire's is like an open book in bold print."

The demon smirked and pulled off his shirt his body quickly growing and expanding as he took on his true form. "Ok, lets get this over with, I always hate getting my talons dirty." He said curling his fingers into claws.

Elwyn rolled his eyes and opened the door. "The element of surprise is on our side my friend."

"One never has the upper hand when Nicholas is involved." Nickodamous sighed dejectedly.

"That's what you think." Elwyn said stepping outside and drawing his gun in one smooth gesture. He leveled it at Nicholas as the naga stepped around the corner. For a brief moment a look of shocked followed by resignation settled on the naga's face, then Elwyn pulled the trigger. Nicholas sighed and closed his eyes barely a second before the bullet tore through his head and burst out of the back, splattering blood and gore over the two vampires standing behind him. They cried out in unison, hopping back in shock.

"Go." The sidhe order, stepped aside as the demon burst out of the house with a roar. He leapt across the length of the house in one jump and landed on top of the momentarily dead naga and lashed out at the two vampires. Macha didn't dodge in time and got his throat torn out, Zori however easily avoided the attack and jumped onto the roof, shadows thickening around him and quickly drawing a shroud over the whole area.

Nickodamous shook the blood and bits of flesh off of his hand and turned to Zori snarling. "Nice dodge leech."

The vampire looked to the still twitching body of his clanmate then looked to Nickodamous with a low growl. "You will pay for that."

"Nick… MOVE!" Elwyn shouted, stepping forward raising his gun again.

The demon lurched out of the way just in time to avoid the rising Nicholas. As the naga lifted up off the ground like a puppet pulled on strings, his pants ripped apart as his legs fused together and became a long tail. Before Nicholas could stand fully upright Elwyn emptied his gun's clip into the naga's body, starting from his tail up to his head. Nicholas' body lurched and twisted backwards from the impact of the bullets till he fell once again, limp to the ground. Elwyn quickly expelled the clip from his gun and slapped in another.

Zori watched his friend fall for the second time and shook his head slowly. "Never stays down."

Inside the house Heather twitched with every bullet fired, clenching tightly to Len's hand. "I can't believe this is happening…" She moaned, clutching at her belly with her other hand.

The werewolf whined softly, looking from her to the doorway. "Just keep relaxed Heather; they'll take care of it."

"People are fighting… dying because of me." Heather whispered squeezing her eyes shut.

"From the sounds of it they aren't staying dead." Len grumbled, ears straining to make sense of all the noises coming from outside.

"It doesn't matter…" She tensed as another contraction griped her. "It's all my fault… This suffering…"

"Don't say that!" Len snapped, squeezing her hand hard enough to make her gasp in pain, he quickly eased up. "Just… don't say that."

Outside Elwyn found himself already out of bullets. He tossed aside his .44 and pulled out his back up .22, this time however Nicholas had time to recover before the sidhe could riddle him with more bullets. Moving lightning quick the naga coiled up and launched himself at Elwyn, he wrapped his long golden tail around the sidhe and looked down at him with an annoyed hiss.

"Bullets Elwyn? That is asinine even by your standards." Nicholas scolded him.

Elwyn found himself quickly struggling to breathe. "I don't know Nick… it sure as hell put you out of commission long enough to be useful."

"Useful? You know nothing short of beheading me will only set me back a few moments. All you did was prolong this needless fight by a few minutes." Nicholas hovered over him, his wide lidless eyes studying the faerie locked in his coiled with interest.

"What are you going to do?" Elwyn gave a wheezing laugh. "Kill me?"

"You know I can't do that." Nicholas shook his head, leaning down slowly. "I will however render you useless." The naga opened his mouth, large fangs unhinging.

Elwyn stared into his mouth for a moment and growled in frustration. He closed his eyes and flexed both his power and his body. A wash of psychic energy swept forth from him slicing through the naga's coils causing him to reel back shrieking in pain. Elwyn lifted himself out of the tattered bloodied coils and gently floated back to the ground a few feet away. Nicholas writhed in pain his long tail thrashing. The sidhe was forced to scramble out of the way to keep from getting crushed under the struggling coils.

"Where did you go leech?" Nickodamous demanded, peering around the rooftop. "Come on out, no need to drag this out."

Zori glanced up from the shadows of the wall and continued slipping through the darkness, moving closer to the seemingly unsuspecting Elwyn. His powers had pulled a thick oppressive cloud over the section of the beach they fought on, rendering even the super human combatants nearly blind. Zori wasn't hindered by the darkness at all and moved easily and literally through the shadows, stepping into one and appearing several feet if not dozens of yards away from where he once was. He took a criss-crossing path towards Elwyn, never remaining out of the shadows for long. Finally taking a chance he popped out of the darkness directly behind the sidhe and stabbed at his back with both of his blades.

Elwyn blinked, aware of the attack only a split second before it landed. His body lurched forward as the blades sunk into his flesh, cutting through bone and vital organs. He fell to his knees mouth opening as he vomited up purple blood that quickly turned red as it spilled across the sands.

"Your life is forfeit." Zori growled in his ear.

"Do you have any idea what I am?" Elwyn asked with a ragged laugh, more blood pumping out of his mouth with each word.

Zori balked slightly as the carefully placed glamour around the sidhe faded away. Elwyn's long delicately pointed ears jutting out of his midnight black hair and his inhumanly beautiful features bespoke of something far more ancient and powerful than anything the vampire had ever encountered.

"My life will not be taken by a creature as pathetic as you!" Elwyn shouted, standing upright. As he rose a fire appeared in his hands forming into a sword shape that solidified into a great sword. Elwyn turned and swept the blade at the shocked vampire who barely managed to throw himself back into the shadows in time to avoid the attack. He tumbled out of the shadows on the roof looking down at his empty hands and cursing.

Nickodamous reached down and grabbed the vampire by the back of his neck, hauling him off of his feet. "I suggest you just give up, if you do, I will spare you."

Zori turned his head and looked at the annoyed demon, a smirk slowly spread across his face. "I don't doubt that you will spare me, your friend however seems the vengeful type."

Before Nickodamous could reply Macha landed on his back with an enraged scream. The young vampire dug his claws into Nickodamous' wings and gripped tightly, he braced his feet on the demon's hips and wrenched back. Nickodamous screamed in pain and released Zori and struggled to reach Macha. The young vampire twisted to the side, taking part of one of the demon's wing with him. He glanced down at the bones and flesh and tossed it aside with a wicked laugh. "I've suffered far more damage than just having my throat ripped out demon; don't think for a moment that'll do much harm to me."

"I'll carve out your other eye!" Nickodamous thundered charging at him, talons leading.

"Kill the woman!" Macha yelled, leaping nimbly away from Nickodamous' initial attack.

Zori nodded and vanished into the shadows below him, dropping into Heather's room right at the foot of her bed. He turned to face her with a smile but was cut down swiftly by Len in full battle form. Zori struggled to keep the werewolves snapping jaws away from his face and neck, bracing his hand on the beast's collarbone. Heather cried out in terror and scrambled backwards, sitting with her back pressed into the wall, her eyes wide with terror as she watched the two monsters fight at the base of her bed.

Above them Nickodamous finally managed to grab hold of Macha' by his foot and was now throwing him about the roof like a pit-bull with a chew toy. He grabbed the vampire and threw him at the AC unit which crumbled under his body then jumped down, landing on the young vampire's chest to just pick him up and launch him through the air again.

Back at ground level Nicholas had recovered from Elwyn's psychic attack and was now circling the sword wielding sidhe. Elwyn turned slowly, keeping Nicholas' upper body in front of him at all times but kept a passive eye on his long tail, wary of an attack from behind.

"Do the blades hurt?" Nicholas asked gesturing to the daggers still embedded in Elwyn's back.

"Like a bitch." Elwyn hissed, spitting up more blood.

"If you like I could remove them." Nicholas surged forward, hands reaching out to grasp the sidhe. Elwyn dodged back only to fall into the naga's waiting tail. It wrapped around the hilt of the two daggers and twisted them out of his body. The force of their removal caused Elwyn to fall to his side a few feet away from the naga. When he struggled back to his feet and turned to face Nicholas again he got a face full of venom spit in his face.

"Fuck!" Elwyn shouted staggering back, slashing his sword one handed in the air before him as he struggling to wipe away the venom from his eyes.

Nicholas drew back easily avoiding the clumsy attacks as he watched the sidhe stagger about in pain. The wounds on his back were healing fairly quickly but the venom wouldn't be so easy for the faerie to recover from.

"It is not often we find each other at odds Elwyn, I am disappointed to see you aren't giving this your all." Nicholas rebuked him softly, shaking his head slowly.

Elwyn snarled and placed a hand over his face summoning a fire to his palm. The blaze burned away the venom but left an angry red mark over his eyes. "You want me to give it my all snake? Fine. Lets dance."

Zori finally managed to kick the werewolf off and rose to his feet, he silently cursed the loss of his blades but wasn't completely at a disadvantage. He turned and braced himself for the wolf's second attack and caught the shifters wrists as he lashed out at the vampire.

"You're putting up a good fight whelp, the woman is lucky to have one so loyal as you. After all, it isn't every day someone is willing to die for another!" Zori pulled the werewolf into him and head-butted his snout causing Len to reel back in stunned surprise. He recovered faster than Zori had expected him to and backhanded the vampire, sending him flying across the room hard enough to partly crash through the wall.

Just as Len was charging for another attack on the elder vampire the roof caved in and a badly bloodied and broken Macha crashed in on top of the surprised werewolf who yelped in shock as he crashed to the carpet. Nickodamous fell in not a moment later, landing legs spread around the werewolf and vampire. He looked down at the pair growling softly, a sound behind him caused him to stop though.

"Nickodamous… it hurts…" Heather gasped, her eyes slowly fluttering shut as her body went limp.

The demon pivoted and rushed to her side, catching her as she fell. "Heather! No!"

The two vampires and werewolf struggled to right themselves. Len shoved the younger vampire off of his back and climbed to his feet, rubbing his sore snout before giving Nick and Heather a panicked look. Zori detached himself from the wall and fell to the floor, his back twisted oddly but quickly repairing itself. He dragged himself across the floor to Macha's side and peered down at the unconscious badly injured vampire.

Nickodamous touched Heather's cheek which was cool and clammy. Her breath was coming in short ragged gasps and her whole body was limp and heavy. He shook her gently his gold and emerald eyes searching her face. Pulling her close he throw back his head and shouted at the top of his impressive lungs: "ELWYN!"

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