Yakamadichi Kuzuha never needed love. She never thought about it, never considered it, and never wanted it. It was simply not mandatory. She was fifteen years old, a freshman at Yatotasania Private School, with excellent grades, a warm family, lots of friends, and an ambition matched by no other. The tomboy's dream was to one day get into Tokyo University – Japan's best – and major there in Kendo, for a reason known only to her. With her best friend Sakuyani Aiko by her side and with her dream and great personality, Kuzuha didn't need anything else in her life. It was complete.

Michael Collins was born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut. He had lived in the United States of America all of his sixteen years with his mother and Japanese father. Raised bilingual and cultural, he seemed all-out American, aside from his constant interest in Japanese ways. He had been in a few bad relationships, all of which had ended horribly, and one good one that ended even worse. When his parents decided to move to Japan, Michael was somewhat reluctant to leave his land, but was even more over joyed that he'd be moving to one of his greatest loves. His life was perfect.

But what happens when the ambitious tomboy meets the handsome foreigner?

Sparks fly as feelings take over, and they soon develop a need for each other that few people had ever experienced.

Love will draw them together, but will prejudice tear them apart?

Inspired by the wonderful anime Strawberry Eggs and the overwhelming tell of the Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, this is a story when a young Japanese girl struggles with the world to stay with her love:

The Shy American