Sealed Away.

In the Year of 904.

A sen was started to gain the legendary power of the Dragon race.

Ningens had discovered the power these legendary beings had kept secret for so long.

These creatures were ambushed by the ningens as they had out numbered them by hundreds, possibly even thousands.

They had killed them relentlessly, trying to find out which dragon had these powers.

If the dragon wasn't one of the chosen, they would surelyperish.

In short, this world was chaos.

But after months of fruitless searching, they found the object of their desires.

Nine dragons of the purest looking sterling were found in a cave, several miles to the west of the Dragon capital of Awayuki.

These dragons looked at the hunters, and immediately rose, preparing for battle.

The hunters were given the orders of not to harm them, but of course the dragons were not going to go willingly.

It would be a fight to the death.

But of course, it would also be a massacare.

The Tsuki dragon, being the smallest and quickest, quickly caught them off guard.

The Hikari dragon created a flash of light that surprised them and temporarily stunned them.

The Yami dragon created a veil of complete darkness over the humans' eyes, therefore rendering them blind.

The Mizu dragon shot strong bursts of water at the humans, knocking them off balance.

The Koori dragon then froze the humans to the floor.

The Chikyuu dragon the raised the ground beneath them, lifting them high into the air.

Then the last three dragons, which were by far the largest, attacked all at once.

The Hi dragon burnt them horribly.

The Kaze dragon created wind so powerful that it had given the humans cuts and bruises all along their bodies. The cuts weren't deep, but enough of it, would be considered deadly.

And the largest by far, which was the Raiden dragon, its torture was to shock them until they were left immobile and lifeless.

Thus the tide of the sen was turned.

In favor of the dragons, which meant that all the humans who were involved would soon be dead.

After the battle, a black mage appeared before thenine saviors, saying an incantation that went like this.

"Those of the nine, who massacred my father before this date.

Will be sealed inside the bodies of those you so hate.

Until the year when a great threat is upon you.

Only the Moon shall remember,

Then awaken the others too."

After that the mage disappeared in a flash of light.

The dragons roared in frustration as they found themselves trapped inside bubbles of gray, and in the moon's case, red.

Then they were gone as if they were never there.

The legend of the dragons was passed down through generations of the ningens, and dragons.

No one seemed to believe it, only one person did, and that was the one of whom had sealed them.

Well, that was until the year of two-thousand four.

When a dragon revealed itself, but the person was never treated the same since.

Who do you ask? You'll have to believe it first, and then look hard for it.

A whisper, a wish, sometimes even adesire to be treated the same.