Day of Silence
I stay silent.
I do not speak.
But do not think
That I am weak.
This is a protest
To those who say
Hurtful things
Each day, all day.
You yell out all
Your insults and jeers
Not thinking of those
Reduced to tears.
To you stupid is gay
A loser's a fag.
Down and down
Spirits are dragged.
You don't understand
How your words can hurt.
They make people
Feel like dirt.
It's not a choice
And certainly not wrong.
Who would choose
To be mocked all day long?
Those who you hurt
Are people too.
If only you'd think
Before you do.
The world would be
Such a nicer place.
Day to day life
All people could face.
This is the Day of Silence
And today I do not speak.
But don't be fooled into thinking
That it's because I'm weak.
This is my protest
To what you always say
To hurt so many others
Each and every day.