Hiding behind his well made mask, the boy conseals himself from those who hunt him, haunt his very dreams everynight he layes his head down for rest, but no rest shall come to this poor soul, for fear of what awaits him in his dreams keeps his eyes open. Yet fatigue over powers the boy, his eyes slowly fall down, and drifting into the dreams world, the boys greatest fears lay waiting. Finding himself in a dark rom, the boy searches desperately for a light, yet he wishes to never find one in fear of what might be awaiting him, that is hidden by the darkness. Hand sliding across what is thought to be a switch, eyes closed as the lights come on, no breath asses the lips as the eyes slowly open. Eyes widden quickly as the sight falls upon the horror of a beast, growling at the boy, salivaripping from the mouth, teeth fully shown, glittering in the light. Slinking toward the now shown door, the boy dare not drop his gaze off of the beast, ready too rip the very flesh which held the boys insides from falling to the ground. The beast leaped at the boy, his body to stiff to move, time slowed as the beast's jaw opened, teeth sharp to the touch, jetting toward the boy's very throat. Gasping for breath, sitting straight up in bed, trying to region his breath, swiches on the light. It was only a dream, safe now, calm breath, slow heart, stop sweat, no danger here. A low growl strikes the ear of the boy, imaging, don't look, sight makes real, still the sound, slowly turn, see the source. Behold the beast, ferce just as before a leap, teeth meet flesh, flesh torn, blood flows, nightmare came true, spilling over to reality, death.